All-In On Odds At 1.20 Football Betting Strategy
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All-In On Odds At 1.20 Football Betting Strategy
Date : November 24,2022
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All-In On Odds At 1.20 Football Betting

On average, punters that adopt some form of football betting strategy tend to perform better than punters who adopt no approach. However, just by adopting a plan, a punter can’t expect to make profitable wagers. A punter must consider the best betting strategy and system to apply to different betting situations and events. No one strategy works for all football wagers, and punters need to know when to use a particular method and when not to use a disadvantageous system.

What Is All-In On Odds at 1.20?

Going all-in on odds at 1.20 is essentially a football wager on an outcome that’s likely to occur. The odds are 1.2x the amount wagered, so a $10 wager results in a profit of $2 and a payout of $12. Since the outcome is likely to occur, the risk level is relatively low, and so is the payout on such a wager. A punter is wagering on the favorites or betting against the underdogs.

Features Of Such Wager

Some of the critical features of an all-in on odds at 1.20 football betting strategy include:

Going All-In

Going all-in is placing 100% of your stake on entirely one bet or a single wager. For example, a punter has $100 in betting funds to make wagers. A punter can split that $100 wager across two, five, or even ten chances. Alternatively, the punter can go all-in on a single bet instead of breaking the stake. Going all-in is hazardous because a punter can lose all their betting funds after a single loss. However, a punter usually goes all-in on a sure bet or something that’s assured. Punters must always note that there is no such thing as a sure bet in soccer betting.

Understanding Odds

A wager on an outcome with the odds of 1.20 is a relatively safe wager indicating the effect is likely to happen. A bet of 2.5 or higher means that odds are less likely to occur, and a punter has a higher payoff. However, even if the odds are 1.20, a punter should avoid going all in to prevent losing their entire funds.

Understanding The Payout

The payout on a wager with the odds of 1.2 gives a return of 1.2x. So a $100 bet returns $120. However, if a punter loses a chance, then the punter loses their $100 stake. Making a wager on the game’s outcome involves predicting one out of three results, and punters have the opportunity to access more accessible betting markets.

Strong Teams Playing At Home

The odds of 1.20 generally indicate a strong team is playing at home and are favorites to win a game. The exception to the rule is a strong team is playing as the away team or if two equally matched teams face off in a game. A wager on a more robust team playing at home to win a game usually results in lower odds and a high probability of winning the bet.

Low Goals In An Over/Under Wager

Most football games usually end with a low number of goals depending on the league and teams participating in the game. However, any wager in the over/under market has a high probability and likelihood of occurring. The odds on such a wager could be 1.20 for accurately predicting the bet. However, if the punter loses the chance, they stand to lose their entire stake. The over/under market is relatively easy to predict since punters have to expect one out of two outcomes versus predicting the 1x2 market.


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