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  • Apr02
    Impact Of New Managers In The English Premier League
    Written by Marko Vrakela

    Discover the significant impact that new managers have on teams in the English Premier League (EPL) in our insightful blog post.

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  • Apr28
    Argentine Football Manager Marcelo Bielsa
    Written by Derick Lori

    Marcelo Bielsa was nicknamed the "Loco" due to his unconventional practices and dedicated and methodic way of working.

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  • Jul22
    Chelsea Discarded Manager Pile And Antonio Conte
    Written by Kenneth Nicholson

    Managerial constancy is not exactly Chelsea forte. Take a look at that list at those 10 managers.

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  • May14
    Is Antonio Conte Chelsea Best Manager Ever?
    Written by Oscar Holt

    Antonio Conte dismissal was a long time coming and handled rather poorly by Chelsea. That said and done, will he go down as one of the best managers.

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  • May04
    Why Chelsea Appointed Maurizio Sarri Despite His Lack Of Titles?
    Written by Asher K

    Chelsea decided to appoint Maurizio Sarri as manager, read the reasons why despite his lack of titles.

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  • Oct29
    Top XI to ever play under Jose Mourinho
    Written by Oscar Holt

    In his seventeen years as a top-level manager, Jose Mourinho had the opportunity to work with many elite players. Jose’s rich portfolio includes managing Inter, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Porto, Barcelona where the Portuguese knew how to get the best

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  • Jul10
    Odds On the Managers Who will Get Sacked After The World Cup 2018
    Written by Asher K

    Here's a list of managers that could potentially lose their job/jobs come the end of this World Cup, a regular trend each World Cup season.

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  • May30
    The Odds On Which Club Will Arsene Wenger Manage Next?
    Written by Asher K

    After serving more than 22 years at a single club, it's time for Wenger to move on to his next challenge and we look at the potential clubs (or even Country) that will be looking to hire him as manager.

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  • Feb02
    Top Managers In The Premier League By Numbers
    Written by David Bowie

    Top English Premier League manager reviews.

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