1X On Home Outsiders Football Betting Strategy
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1X On Home Outsiders Football Betting Strategy
Date : November 01,2022
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1X On Home Outsiders Strategy

1x betting is part of the 1x2 betting market. A 1x2 wager is a format that lists the odds on a particular game. Consider a match between Everton and Westham in the Premier League. Everton is playing at home; a wager on 1 indicates a win for Everton, a bet on x suggests a draw, and a chance on 2 indicates a Westham win (or Everton loss).

  • One = Home team
  • X = Draw result
  • 2 = Away team win

What Is Home Advantage?

Wagers on the home team became famous because of the statistic indicating home teams have an advantage when playing at home. Some reasons for a home team advantage include familiarity with the ground, the sound of the home fans cheering and jeering, ball boys on the same page, pitch and weather conditions, and so on.

Features Of Betting On The Home Team

Some key features of betting on the home team include a higher proportion of home team victories, considering the opponents in a game, a higher probability of winning a low profit, using alternative betting markets, and betting on two out of three outcomes.

Home Teams Win More Often Than Not

A football game, hockey game, ice hockey game, or soccer game can end in three possible results. A team can either win the game, lose the game, or draw with their opponents. In other sporting events, the probability of a draw result is low (basketball and one-day cricket) or non-existent (baseball). Across all these sporting events, the home team tends to win more than they draw or lose while playing at home. For example, the home team wins more than 33% of the time in the English Premier League, and punters tend to make more wagers favoring the home team.

Consider Opponents

While the home team tends to win more often than not across multiple games, punters also need to consider the opponents (the away team) in a game. For example, a stronger opponent such as Manchester City or Liverpool may play as the away team and the favorites, irrespective of their opponents. However, the home team's advantage is if Liverpool was playing against an equally matched opponent such as Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Lower Odds/Profitability

A punter has to settle for lower odds and, thus, lower profitability on wagers on the home team. The home team advantage is at the cost of a bet. Any winning chance on the home team typically pays out less than a wager on the away team (everything else remaining equal). However, lower odds mean a punter can expect to win a high frequency of bets on the home team.

Betting On a Draw And An Additional Outcome

In a 1x wager, a punter places a bet on two out of three outcomes. The 1 is a wager on the home team, while the x is a wager on a draw result. A 1x wager is a wager on the home team to win or draw the game. If either outcome passes, a punter can expect a payout. However, the risk involved in betting on two products is lower than that in backing one out of three results. Thus, a 1x wager is safer than an individual wager on 1, x, or 2.

Alternative Betting Markets

Punters can also make wagers on alternative betting markets, such as laying against 2 in a 1x2 stakes. Applying a chance on two is laying a wager on the away team or betting on the away team to lose. Any other outcome such as a draw or the home team winning results in a payout when a punter lays a wager on the away team. Alternative betting markets present punters with unique opportunities to make a profit through arbitrage wagers, value bets, and laying bets. In some cases, a punter can choose to bet on one outcome while laying the same stake on different odds. The difference in odds is the potential for an arbitrage profit between making and applying a chance.


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