Betting Trends | Clean Sheet Trends In Italy Serie A Week
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Betting Trends | Clean Sheet Trends In Italy Serie A Week
Date : April 22,2020
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Clean Sheet Trends In Italy Serie A Week 12

Hi and welcome to another exciting episode from the betting trends video series. I'm Emily De Cosimo, and I am the spokesperson for this video series. In this episode, we shall consider the clean sheet trends in Italy Serie A week 12 matches. The week 12 game of the season took place across different centers in Italy, and the purpose of this video is to highlight the number of teams that kept a clean sheet in the week's games.


Again, we will talk about how vital a clean sheet is to these teams. Most often than not, the goalkeeper takes the bulk of the credit for stopping shots and disallowing opponents from finding the back of the net. The other party that receives the rest of the credit is the defenders- who are also awarded points for making the job easy for the goalkeepers. The midfielders and strikers' responsibilities are often more about their assist in the attack and goalscoring.

Clean Sheet Trends in Italy Serie A Week 12 Matches

From the week's results, 6 games recorded clean sheets. Last year's champion - Juventus, kept a clean sheet against AC Milan as they were ousted with a lone goal. Sampdoria vs. Atalanta also ended in a goalless draw, meaning the two teams kept clean sheets. The same result was produced in Udinese vs. SPAL, and Napoli vs. Genoa games- which all ended in goalless draws.


In another match, Torino kept away clean sheet at Brescia as they defeated they 4 goals to nil. Parma did not give AS Roma any slight chance at their stadium. They beat Roma 2 goals- on a clean sheet. To sum it up, 60% of the games that happened in the week produced a clean sheet. In the remaining 4 games of Italy Serie A, the teams scored each other with a goal or more.


After watching this video, we hope you gleaned through the key points about our past soccer games’ clean sheet trends. To learn more about other betting trends and be better in your sports analysis, check other videos in the series.


Thank you for watching. Good luck!


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