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Betfame Blog | Insurance Sports Betting System Explained
Date : January 09,2020
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Insurance Sports Betting System Explained

The insurance sports betting system is a commonly used system among sports bettors. The idea behind this system is to minimize the risk when making a bet. So, the main rule of the insurance sports betting system is to lower the stake with each loss. This way, you won’t get dragged down in a pit hole of failure and unsuccessful revival attempts.

The downside to this system is, however, the lack of rewards for wins. While in some other betting systems, for example, negative progression betting systems, all wins are heavily rewarded (with a more significant risk involved, too), it’s not the case with the insurance betting system.

Betting System

This betting system is particularly recommended for beginner punters. There are multiple reasons behind this. First and the main is that the risk is low. So, even in cases of losing streaks, you won’t get punished as you would with some other systems. Secondly, with this in mind, the bettor will have a more relaxed state of mind, leading to better decision-making in the process.

Knowing how important emotions are in sports betting, this seems like a perfect way to get up to speed and learn to control yourself even in the most uncomfortable situations. Insurance betting systems back up the safe betting policy, and it would be great to utilize it if you’re looking for a mixture of potentially earning some money and having fun in the process.


Sports Betting System

When used in sports betting, the insurance betting system can be secured even further. By only betting on two-way bets, you’re guaranteed to have a bigger chance at success than say using three-way bets. You drastically raise your chances for success by doing this, and it’s less likely to fall into the losing streak at any point. Granted, the odds are a bit on the low end, but it’s worth a risk, especially if you’re in it for the long run.

For example, let’s say our initial stake is $100. In case of a losing bet, this stake will decrease to $90. Say our current stake is $90, and the following bet is a winning one. In this case, the stake still stays at $90. This is a much safer approach compared to some other methods, where our initial stake of $100 would grow further with each loss, putting the bettor in some high-risk situations.

The perfect betting system doesn’t exist. No matter where you look, each one has its fallacies and cons which can come back to haunt you. Choosing your system also depends on the type of bettor you are - are you the one to risk it, or you like to play it safe? If you’re gravitating towards the second choice, the insurance sports betting system can be of big use for you. Make sure you determine your initial stake so that you can easily support any potential losing streak, which shouldn’t be hard to do with the insurance sports betting system.

Good luck on your journey, and stay insured!


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