Five (5) Proven Professional Soccer Betting Tips
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Five (5) Proven Professional Soccer Betting Tips
Date : September 08,2022
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Five Proven Professional Soccer Betting Tips

Professional punters utilize similar betting tips and strategies with slight variations between punter and punter. However, not all betting tips work consistently in all betting situations. Some tips and techniques tend to work better under similar conditions. For example, an inconsistent team will throw up inconsistent results during that run, while a consistent team does the opposite.

Professional Soccer Betting Tips

Some of the most common professional soccer betting tips used by successful punters include betting on the English Premier League, finding the most profitable betting markets, estimating and managing risk, accessing multiple betting providers, and keeping tabs on crucial betting metrics.

1. Everyone Bets On The English Premier League

Most punters inside and outside the United Kingdom make wagers on the most popular league in the world, the English Premier League. However, because of the popularity of the EPL, it is scarce for punters to spot mispriced wagers or seize on a value betting opportunity. Alternatively, punters could also make wagers on lesser-known or lesser-wagered leagues across the globe. In minor leagues and games such as leagues in Africa, Asia, or South America, punters have a higher chance of spotting a profitable trade with better odds.  

2. Finding The Most Profitable Betting Markets

Punters generally operate in a betting market they understand or feel comfortable with. Sometimes, punters tend to stick to only one or a few betting markets, which may not be the most profitable soccer betting strategy. Some famous soccer betting markets include both teams, the first team to score, handicapped, Asian handicap, 1x2, over/under, and more. The most profitable wager doesn’t necessarily mean the highest probability of winning the bet. For example, the accumulator betting market is one of the most promising, depending on the type and length of the Acca wager. However, it’s also one of many complex betting markets to win once, let alone consistently.

3. Managing Risk

Punters have different levels of risk they’re comfortable with when making a wager. They quantify that comfort level into a financial percentage called risk. Essentially, the risk is that portion of funds a punter is comfortable with losing on the off chance the punter doesn’t predict a wager accurately. Conservative punters tend to set lower risk levels, such as nothing more than 1% of a punter’s total bankroll wagered on a single game. Punters that can afford to take more risks when making wagers can choose to wager more than 1% but not more than 10% of their bankroll. For a punter considering 10% as their risk margin, it only takes one or two strings of dire predictions for the punter to land back at $0. With just ten losses, a punter will not have any more funds to make wagers, making risk management critical to professional soccer betting.

4. Utilizing Different Betting Providers

Professional punters use different platforms and betting services and make the most of the advantages of variety. For example, punters can evaluate the best odds to make value wagers, the best betting offers, the most payment options, access to various betting options, and more. Utilizing different betting providers allows each punter to identify which platform they prefer using based on their needs and requirements. For example, punters that make big wagers tend to utilize media with high betting limits and wallet balance capacity. All punters prefer utilizing bonuses and offers when making soccer wagers. A bonus helps a punter win more when making a wager with a particular provider. However, punters need to consider the type of bonus, the terms and conditions of the prize, and the wagering requirements that apply.  

5. Tabs On Critical Metrics

Punters need to keep tabs on key metrics of both the teams participating in a game of soccer. Some key metrics that impact the outcome of a wager and a game of soccer include goals scored, goals conceded, assists, own goals, player performances, win percentage, frequency of draws, results away from home, and more. Punters should consider the timeline for comparing metrics because some statistics have an impact throughout seasons, while others have an effect based on a team’s form or run of a few games.




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