Best Betting Markets To Earn Money When Betting On Soccer
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Best Betting Markets To Earn Money When Betting On Soccer
Date : December 30,2021
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Soccer Betting Markets

Betting on soccer is exciting; however, we bettors are looking to have fun and make money. However, there are no magic tricks to make money in sports betting. In this sense, if you have limited yourself to betting on the typical 1X2 market until now, you are minimizing your chances of winning money. To change this, below, we will talk about four betting markets that you must include in your betting strategy to win money.

1. Handicap Betting Market

This is one of the most popular bets among professional bettors. Handicap bets are those in which we add more difficulty to our bet seeking to increase our profits. For example, let's imagine Tottenham is playing Milwall. Everything suggests that Tottenham will win by a landslide. Therefore, a good idea would be placing a bet with a -1 handicap, or what is the same, subtracting a goal from Tottenham in the result for your forecast. Using this betting market is very good if you want to increase your profits in these types of matches.

2. Over / Under Betting Market

It is about betting that the number of annotations in a match will be above or below a preset value. In soccer, the most popular value or rate is over / under 2.5. If you think that in a match, you will score four goals, you will have to make an over 2.5 bet. Why should I bet on the over 2.5 in a match, (e.g., between Tottenham and Everton) instead of Tottenham's victory? The answer is that bookies will pay you much more money in this market.

3. Corners Betting Market

Whether they're hard to predict or because you can win a lot of money, betting on the number of corners in a match is a trendy type of bet. Corner bets are always and will be at the top of most bookmakers. This is a type of bet in which you have to keep an eye on the statistics if you want to be successful. Studying the behavior of corner kicks in a given league and the teams that face each other in a game brings good results. Likewise, you must take into account matches where a favorite team has a great need to win.

4. Combination Or Parlay Betting Market

If you like money and risk, it is time to start betting on combination bets. It involves the combination of several simple bets. Normally, bookmakers let us combine a maximum of 12 simple bets. For this reason, they are also called multiple bets or parlays. For a combination bet to be a winner, we must hit each of the individual predictions included in the combination. To obtain the odds of a parlay or combination bet, you must multiply the odds of all the selections that you have on the bet ticket. The advantage is that each successful bet multiplies the profit so that by betting little, we can win a lot of money. The risk increases considerably.

If you want to be a winning bettor, you must diversify your betting markets. This way, you will find more opportunities to find value bets and better odds.

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