Understand Sports Betting Glossary
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Understand Sports Betting Glossary
Date : August 08,2021
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Sports Betting Glossary

If you want to be a successful bettor, you must be familiar with the terms commonly used in the sports betting glossary. These terms may seem complex, but with a little time end up engraved in our memory. So, here is the glossary you needed to master the sports betting world.

  • Accumulator: It is the same as a combination bet. A combination bet is one whose favorable result depends on two or more independent events occurring. In Anglo-speaking countries, it receives the name of "parlay."
  • All-In: a term used when someone invests their entire bankroll in a single bet.
  • Arbitrage betting: consists of placing several bets on the same match so that regardless of the result, we obtain a benefit. For this to happen, the odds must meet certain conditions. Besides, the amount of money that we must bet on each odd must be calculated properly.
  • Bankroll: the amount of money we budget for sports betting. This must be an amount intended exclusively for betting and that we can afford to lose to protect our finances.
  • Bookmaker or Bookie: this is a betting house. The second term is a diminutive of the first. It refers to the account books with the odds and the money invested by each bettor that bookmakers carry on.

Handicap happens when an initial advantage is added to the theoretically inferior team over the theoretically superior team. The European and Asian handicaps are the most used by bookmakers.

  • Live bet or In-Play Bet: They are bets on events played in real-time. The odds vary during an event since they depend on the event's evolution.
  • Odds: these are factors established by bookmakers. They multiply our investment if we win the bet.
  • Over / Under: It is a type of bet in which we predict that the total number, goals, points, games, etc., of a match exceeds (Over) or does not exceed (Under) a value proposed by the bookmaker.
  • Picks: this is a bet recommended by a sports betting expert. It is a bet selected from the many possibilities to bet.
  • Rollover: Total stake amount required to clear sports betting bonus.
  • Stake: the amount of money staked. Stakes are always graded on a scale from 1 to 10 and are closely related to bankroll.
  • Tipster: this is an expert person in betting on a particular sport and who makes predictions about this.
  • Trading: This betting technique takes advantage of the odds' fluctuations. It consists of betting in favor of events at high odds and betting against the same event at low odds (or vice versa). The idea is to ensure benefits whatever the result, minimizing risk.
  • Underdog: this is a team or player whose odds mark it theoretically as inferior. Its odds are always higher than that of its adversary.
  • Value: There is a value in odds when it is estimated that its value is above what it should be. Therefore, you must bet on it.
  • Yield: refers to the relative return on investment. It is the ratio between our bets' winnings and the amount bet. It serves to evaluate our betting performance over time.

Now, you know the most important terms related to sports betting. So, this will allow you to understand any information related to this topic.

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