German Footballer Robin Everardus Gosens
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German Footballer Robin Everardus Gosens
Date : May 09,2021
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Footballer Robin Everardus Gosens

The last two campaigns, which coincide with Atalanta's appearance in the Champions League, have consecrated full-back Robin Everardus Gosens. His maturity and a great state of form have made him indisputable in Gasperini's offensive eleven. Furthermore, this led to him earning the call-up of Joachim Low for the German national team. Robin Everardus Gosens was born in Emmerich am Rhein, a small German border town. As a teenager, he attended Borussia Dortmund's tests to enter his academy but was not accepted. Back then, soccer for Robin Everardus Gosens was just a hobby for him. Together with his friends, he used to visit a bar in his hometown called "Blues." He had a good time celebrating there like many other boys in the city. "Almost always, we all went to the Blues on bicycles. Those were wonderful nights, "recalled Gosens in an interview with 11Freunde magazine.


Robin Everardus Gosens Career

During the summer of 2012, when he had just come of age, Robin Everardus Gosens and his friends left the Blues and went to play with VFL Rhede. That day, Gosens scored a goal, assisted in others, and when the game ended, a scout from Vitesse Arnhem, who saw the game, told him: "I did not come for you, but I would like to invite you to a test." Gosens accepted the proposal. At the age of 18, signing for Vitesse was the last ticket to professional football for Robin Everardus Gosens. His mother wanted him to graduate, but his father helped her catch his last train to professional soccer. He spent one year in the Vitesse Arnheim youth team and six months in U23. It was then that Coach Peter Bosz called him to the first team, but not before making him a left-back. "He told me that he had everything to become a modern winger." Gosens, who had always played as a midfielder, began to make a difference from the left-wing. Bosz saw in him a physique and a commensurate speed to play in the left lane. From there came a loan to FC Dordrecht, then a brief stint at Heracles, and later, his move to Atalanta in 2017. In five years, Gosens went from drunk playing amateur football and riding his bicycle to playing the Champions League with Atalanta. Besides, in his first year with the DEA, he faced Borussia Dortmund, the club that wanted to snatch his dream.

The beginning of Robin Everardus Gosens in Italy was not easy. Upon arriving in Bergamo, he had to dispute the regular position with Spinazzola and later with Castagne. But, this season, he has played 94% of the minutes that his team has played. Robin Everardus Gosens is in the best year of his career, taking advantage of a game system that enhances his characteristics. He has achieved 10 goals and 7 assists, figures that no other winger in the world can boast of. COVID-19 postponed the Eurocup, and Joachim Low acknowledged that Robin could soon have a chance at Manchstaff. He already played in the Europa League and the Champions League; the next thing could be the Eurocup. Robin Everardus Gosens has always recognized that he will always be attentive to any calls they make to play in Germany especially if they call him from Schaller 04, the team from his childhood and dreams to play sometime.

Costing less than a million Euros, without sponsors, contracts, or intermediaries, Robin Everardus Gosens reached the elite. His story is one in a million.

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