5 Tips To Win In Football Betting With European Handicap
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5 Tips To Win In Football Betting With European Handicap
Date : January 19,2021
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Win In Football Betting With European Handicap

The European Handicap is a difference applied in football betting. Its objective is to level matches where there is a big difference between one team's performance and that of the other. It allows for increasing odds and offers greater profits for bettors. This betting market is popular among experienced punters. It is common to find this market in final results, the number of corners, and other events typical of football matches. Unlike the Asian handicap, this market does not return the money wagered in the event of a draw.

The positive European Handicap occurs when an advantage is added to the least favorite team. As the handicap value grows, the odd's value falls. The European handicap is negative when a disadvantage is added to a clear favorite. This works in reverse; the more disadvantage is added, the higher the odds offered. If ending with a victory for the same amount indicated in the handicap, you would lose the bet.


Tips To Win Placing European Handicap Football Bets

  • Be sure how it works before using it: It is not easy to understand, so look for information about it and review it as many times as you need it. It's even good to practice before you make your first handicap bet. Many gamblers think they understand, and then it takes them a while to learn the way it works.
  • You must know when to use it: You need to understand when handicap markets are valuable and not. There is no point in using them in a very even match. You should look for matches in which one team is theoretically much superior to the other. It is important not to place a very high handicap on the favorite team.
  • Analyze the match previously: This allows the punter to assess how much handicap to apply for his bet. The type of rival, previous matches stats, their defense, and key players' status are issues to consider when raising the Handicap bet.
  • Observe odds: Usually, there is little difference between odds in handicap markets and the probabilities estimated by bookies for a possible outcome. Therefore, if you find a 4.00 or more odd in a European handicap market whose occurrence you consider very feasible, think carefully before betting. Maybe the sportsbook has information that you do not handle regarding the game.
  • Analyze the opposing team: Does the team's opponent you plan to bet win or lose most of their matches by only one goal? Does it draw frequently? So, maybe it is not a good idea to bet on the European handicap in that case.

As in any bet, in the European handicap, certain rules apply that depend on sportsbooks. Therefore, viewing the applicable regulations is a good habit.



The European Handicap is an excellent way to get started in non-traditional betting markets. It is easier to understand than the Asian handicap because it does not include fractions of goals and considers the three possible results of a football match. In summary, it is beneficial for betting on games in which there is a noticeable difference in quality between one team and another. However, we must properly assess the superiority of one club over the other.

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