Signs That Will Tell You If You’re A Sports Betting Addict
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Signs That Will Tell You If You’re A Sports Betting Addict
Date : December 01,2020
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Are You A Sports Betting Addict?

The sports betting popularity, especially those you can do online, has spread around the world in recent years. In the same way, addiction to this type of gambling has also extended. If you can't take your mind off sports and gambling, you may have become addicted to it. Maybe you're not aware of that yet. How can you recognize if you or a friend of yours is on this path? Continue reading, and you'll get the signs that will show you if you are addicted to sports betting.


How do you know if you are addicted to sports betting?

We will mention 3 warning signs to detect it:

1. You can't stop

Betting addict can't control the time he spends analyzing games, types of bets, and placing wagers. He doesn't see sports betting as a form of temporary leisure. Besides, he is unable to leave his mobile, his PC, or the sportsbooks venue. If you have doubts, you just have to prove yourself. Define a money and time limit to invest in betting. If you can't meet these limits, this is a bad sign.

Recurrently, the addicted gambler is unable to stop during the negative streaks. Keep betting, thinking that his luck will change from one moment to the next. They also don't stop to think about what is wrong with their betting strategy. This leads to an accumulation of losses that can be very large.

2. You bet money that you should not allow losing

A pivotal factor to bet healthy is to use only money that we can afford to lose. No more of that. If you spend the money you need for necessary or essential expenses, you will be in trouble. Many addicted punters bet borrowed money or even family savings. In critical cases, these people may steal or cheat to get money and gamble. These attitudes, of course, are characteristic of a disturbed mind.

Rational bettors keep a tight check on their bankroll. Determine the amounts of money to be invested in each bet. In this sense, they do not get carried away by the adrenaline sports betting generate.

3. Your personality changes and you have emotional problems

You can get a lot of fun betting on sports even without winning. You can enjoy sports betting if you see it as something recreational. However, when you lose control, gambling addiction affects your behavior. If you experience negative emotions and start having conflicts with others, you should stop and take action. The people around you will notice this change in you before you do. Listen to their observations.


Many times the betting addict falls unconsciously into denial of his situation. In that sense, if you ever wonder if you are addicted to sports betting, you probably are. On a higher level are those who are losing the appreciation for their life. The problems this addiction leads can generate suicidal tendencies. No one should arrive at these extremes.



Today's society is not fully aware of the risks involved in sports betting addiction. Likewise, its extension on social networks and the lack of regulations in many countries have increased this problem. The most severe consequences this addiction generates occur when betting without control. When your finances begin to be affected, you must stop and regain control of the situation.

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