Betting Trends | Draw Trends In Italy Serie A Week 12
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Betting Trends | Draw Trends In Italy Serie A Week 12
Date : March 10,2020
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Draw Trends In Italy Serie A Week 12

Hi and welcome to another episode from the Betting Trends Series by BetFame. I’m Emily De Cosimo, and I’m the spokesperson for this video series.

In this video, we will consider another top league in Europe, and examine their last week’s result before the international duties. In essence, we will look at the draws in Italy Serie A in the league’s Week 12 games.

A draw occurs when the two teams score an equal number of goals or fail to score one another in the match.

If you are a football fan/lover or bettor, you will agree that two teams can play for 90 minutes or more and have nothing to show for it.

That is, they can end up playing a draw. But then, most people rarely bet on a draw because they think it is too dull or doubtful to occur.

Of a truth, a draw can sometimes infuriate you if you are a passionate football person. If you, however, get the hang of the strategy, especially when you understudy individual leagues and see that the trend is inherent in the league, you can leverage on the option.


Here are the draw results and what it means...

The round 12 of the Italy Serie A games took place between the 8th and 10th of November for the 2019/2020 football seasons.

The titleholder- Juventus won their game against AC Milan, and in-form Inter Milan saw Verona off. Meanwhile, the only stalemate results from the week were all goalless:

  • Udinese vs. SPAL - 0-0
  • Napoli vs Genoa - 0-0
  • Sampdoria vs Atalanta- 0-0

This shows that draw in Italy Serie A, though with a small percentage of 30%, is more prominent in the league when compared to other leagues in Europe.

In fact, looking at the previous results of the season, every team has played a minimum of a draw in their games so far.

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