Betting Trends | Over & Under Betting Trends In English Premier League
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Betting Trends | Over & Under Betting Trends In English Premier League
Date : February 21,2020
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Over and Under Betting Trends In English Premier League Week 8


Hi and welcome to another episode from the Betting Trends video series by Betfame. I’m Emily De Cosimo the spokesperson for this video series.

In today video, our main interest is in the over and under betting trends in English Premier League Week 8. In other words, we will be looking at the trend of over and under in week 8 of the English Premier League. Why is the information important?

First, an over-under or over/under bet is a wager on a game in which you predict for a combined score of the two teams. Your wager is such that the actual number in the game will be higher or lower than as provided by the sportsbook.


Results of English Premier League Game Week 8

A closer look at the results from week 8 of the English Premier League validates the over and under betting trends.

From the Sunday results, the only game within the over/under betting context was that between Southampton and Chelsea which ended in a total of five (5) goals.


Other ties between Manchester City and Wolverhampton Wanderers, Arsenal and Bournemouth, and Newcastle United and Manchester United produced two, one and one goals respectively.


Prior to that, on Saturday, the fixtures generated over/under as well where Brighton & Hoves vs. Tottenham, Liverpool vs. Leicester City, and Norwich City vs. Aston Villa all produced over results. Burnley vs. Everton's outcome was 1-0 in favor of Burnley, while Watford vs. Sheffield United produced a goalless draw.


With this, there is a particular pattern from the results, and as a bettor, a quick understanding and understudy of this can boost your winning chances in-game weeks ahead. Obviously, the games that produced under were almost as predicted and expected while the ones with over were as well not surprising.


With the over/under betting trends, you can clearly see how much money has been bet on either side of each bet. Being one of the most exciting bets both for recreation and profit, the over/under the option is important to a lot of successful sports betting strategies.


To know more about betting trends, stay tuned for more videos in the series by Betfame.


Thank you for watching.


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