Mathematics and Statistics in Successful Football Bet
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Mathematics and Statistics in Successful Football Bet
Date : December 03,2019
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Mathematical Methods for a Successful Football Bet

A significant number of punters and would-be punters, even those who have been into wagering for some time, believe that they should be a freak on the games they are planning to vet. They think that all they need to do is to view a good number of games, follow press releases once in a while, and they will be on their way to cashing in. You might be successful sometimes by following that strategy, mainly if you make less complex bets which have lower odds. But, if you bet on singles or doubles, you would certainly have a chance of winning if you get your calculations right. In that sense, it is worthy of note that successful punters use statistics and math to hit their goals. A good number of them rely on only mathematics. So, when you apply the mathematical methods for football bet, you have a high chance of being successful.

Punters, at the beginning of their betting career, prefer to depend on their hunch most of the time. They often believe they will make a lot of money by following their instincts. The truth is that in reality, this hardly happens. You don’t have to become a math guru before you can comfortably earn as a punter. All you need is basic math knowledge and how to apply the method for football bet. When you can do this, your chances of success are high. If you’ve been looking for some mathematical strategy for successful betting, here are the best picks below:


Kelly Criterion Strategy

The Kelly Basis is a mathematical bankroll management strategy that gives you clear insight into how you can utilize mathematical methods. Indeed, you can keep yourself from losing money and increase your chances of betting successfully. Similarly, as with anything throughout everyday life, you're probably not going to get something without investing. So your risks are high when you are wagering with more substantial sums of money. But, by applying the Kelly Criterion, you’ll reduce the risks on selections that have a low probability. For instance, you will increase your chances of winning if you apply this mathematical method for a football bet.


Return Based Mathematical Strategy

Return based mathematical strategy only put into consideration the amount of money the punter gains in return. It implies that calculations are done depending on the bookie or betting platform for the result. This means that the amount of money placed on a selection is dependent on the bookies' odds and the likelihood of the selection playing out well. It is an interesting strategy, as it shows a technique to ensure you are profitable. Yet it accepts that you can find value bets. When you execute them accurately, the return based mathematical strategies can further build your odds of securing your bankroll. Also, they offer increasingly steady returns.


Wrap Up!

Finally, it is sure that you have picked up one or two tips to make you grow from an amateur punter to a professional punter. The only way to winning bets is to get a good strategy and execute it judiciously. More success to you!

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