Is Antonio Conte Chelsea Best Manager Ever?
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Is Antonio Conte Chelsea Best Manager Ever?
Date : May 14,2019
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Antonio Conte Chelsea Best Manager Ever?

How exactly did Antonio Conte fair as Chelsea’s manager? He led the football club through a very successful first season, helping them bounce back from a miserable one full of loss and disappointment. Conte’s managerial techniques, which involved a focus on the players’ overall well-being, certainly worked, as they went on to win the English Premier League and FA Cup titles. He was known for his charismatic allure and firmly believed in fostering a positive workplace environment for his team. He even organized a barbeque for the players, staff and their families, and also arranged a trampoline party for their children. He worked hard to foster a friendly, family-like environment.

Antonio Conte was also very involved in the coaching of his team; he would be present at every practice and obsess over minuscule details. He was tactical, analytical and immersed. He brought about bold changes to how the teams trained and how they adopt formations, and as a result, his first year with Chelsea was certainly a doozy, setting a club record with 11 consecutive league victories in a single season, and with their 13th victory, they tied with Arsenal’s 2002 record for most successive league triumphs in a single season. He is also the first manager in the world to win three Manager of the Month awards in a row, in the year 2017. It was also under his management that Chelsea secured the most wins in a single season of the Premier League.

His second season was admittedly not nearly as successful as his first one. After building them up for a successful run, Chelsea began to fall apart again. After finishing in fifth place, failed to qualify for the 2017 - 2018 Champions League. It was after this that many began to doubt his position, and his future as their manager became uncertain. After 63 days of ambiguity, he finally left the club. Hopefully, Sarri might be a refreshing change for the Blues.

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