Home team to avoid betting on in England Premier League
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Home team to avoid betting on in England Premier League
Date : November 01,2018
Author : Dylan O'Neill Categories : Many people like to back teams playing at home when they are placing football bets, but sometimes teams need to be avoided when they are playing at home because they are better performing away. These are often hard to find, but when you look at the more in-depth version of stats, you can find these teams and avoid them.

Here are the home teams to avoid in England:

After disputing for the league title last season, many expected Tottenham to do the same this season with their young and exciting team. However, a move to Wembley while their new home is built has caused them a lot of problems, especially in the league. They have played three games at Wembley and struggled in every one of them, losing to Chelsea and drawing with Burnley and Swansea. Compare that to their away form, where they have won four out of four, and you need to be avoiding Tottenham when they play at home.

Tottenham is usually priced up as long odds-on favorite to win at home, and they need avoiding until they learn how to play at Wembley.

Crawley Town
Crawley is expected to finish mid-table in League Two, but so far an abysmal start at home is holding them back. They have played six games at home so far this season, winning one and losing the other five, scoring only four goals. Compare that to their away form, where they have won three and drawn one out of their six games played, scoring eight goals and it is clear to see the difference. Away from home, Crawley is playing with far more confidence, and they are being rewarded with excellent results. Until they discover their home form, it is very unprofitable to be backing Crawley when they are playing in front of their home fans.

Crawley can do well in League Two, but so far they have struggled at home and need avoiding until that changes.

Many people expected Fulham to be challenging for promotion to the Premier League this season, and so far their home form has prevented them from doing so. They have won just one game from their five home games so far, which is very poor and something they must improve if they are to challenge. They have been better away from home and have only lost one of their five away games, so the problem is undoubted with their home form. Until this improves, Fulham is going to be very unprofitable to follow when they are playing at home.

Fulham can challenge for promotions, but they have to quickly find a way to win when they play at home.

In Conclusion
Those are three teams who many people will look to back at home each week, although right now they are struggling and being very unprofitable. Watch out for groups like this, and avoid them until things improve and they show far better home form.

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