World Cup power Rankings: Who is on Top?
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World Cup power Rankings: Who is on Top?
Date : July 03,2018
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After the end of the 2017-2018 season, most of the teams went ahead to play two games. Below we take a look at how the top teams performed and how this will influence their performance at the World Cup:

1) Spain (up 2)

In their two friendlies, Spain put on a show that was one of a kind. Their exemplary performance was not what they have always managed and in these two friendlies, the team went full-throttle in their performances with the help of their central midfielders the like of Andrés Iniesta.

2) Brazil (=)

For Brazil, It was double portion with two friendlies, two wins and incredibly two identical starting lineups. One of their most outstanding performances was when they beat Germany 1-0 making their manager Tite proud.

3) Germany (down 2)

Germany was ranked a step down after they lost to Brazil and some of their less experienced players, including Leroy Sané found the going quite tough. Their friendly with Spain ended in a draw and the performance had the feel of a World Cup knockout!

4) Belgium (up 1)

Although Belgium only played one friendly during the international break, the extra training time with their coach Roberto Martínez enabled them to cement a few great ideas. When they hosted Saudi Arabia for a friendly, they easily beat them 4-0 with Romelu Lukaku scoring twice in that particular match.

5) France (down 1)

France appears to have two faces: the enthralling proposition that has speed and flair to burn and the face that appears sloppy and shapeless. Their thrilling position comprises of great footballers the likes of Kylian Mbappé who scores with lightning speed and Pogba who is gifted to play as a central midfielder, attacking midfielder as well as a defensive midfielder.

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