3 Proven 2024 Mathematical Strategies For Soccer Betting
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3 Proven 2024 Mathematical Strategies For Soccer Betting
Date : May 03,2024
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Three Proven Mathematical Strategies For Soccer Betting In 2024

In this golden age of sports betting, punters rely on various strategies to improve their fortunes in the gambling arena, and mathematical soccer betting strategies are an example. These strategies help the punter in multiple ways, including, most prominently, bankroll management. As far as bankroll management is concerned, they have two different systems: negative and positive progression systems.

The Martingale Betting System

The Martingale system is a negative example of a progression system. It governs the punter’s reaction to losing a bet or when on a losing streak. The central concept behind The Martingale system is to double up on the stake when you lose a bet. The premise of the system is that since the chances of winning remain the same, the punter should eventually hit a win. And since the stake keeps rising, when the success comes in, the returns can be expected to be high enough to cover all previous losses and even produce some significant profit. The Martingale mathematical soccer betting strategy is best where:

  • The punter has a reasonably high bankroll and does not run out before they can hit a win.

  • The sportsbook, like SBOTOP, is well-established and reliable and allows reasonably high bets.

The Paroli Betting System

The Paroli system is another example of a mathematical soccer betting strategy. Unlike the Martingale system, however, the Paroli is a positive progression system. It means that it is more concerned with the punter’s attitude during a winning streak than when losing. With the Paroli system, the punter starts with a small stake amount, ideally 5% of their total bankroll. When they place their first bet and win, they move on to their second bet and put double the initial stake. If they win that second bet, they move on to their third bet, where they stake double the amount of the second bet. After a three-game winning streak, they must return to the original stake. The only other time they return to the actual stake amount is if they lose a bet. So, the Paroli system profits from winning streaks, which is the general purpose of positive progression betting systems.

The 1 3 2 6 System

The 1 3 2 6 strategy is a mathematical soccer betting strategy that shares similarities with the Paroli system discussed above. That means it is also a progressive betting system intended to capitalize on the moments when a punter has sustained betting success. The only difference, compared to the Paroli system, is the ratio used when increasing the betting stake sizes during the winning streak. Rather than doubling the stake after each win, this system uses specific ratios - the 1, 3, 2, and 6 numbers.

Like Paroli, a punter calculates a nominal initial stake, ideally around 5% of their total bankroll. They place their first bet using that stake.

  • If that first bet is successful, they move on to their second bet. The stake for the double chance is three times the initial stake, as per the “3” in the system’s name.

  • If the second bet is successful, they move on to bet #3. The stake for the third bet is two times the initial stake.

  • If the third bet is successful, it’s on to bet #4. The stake for the fourth bet is six times the initial stake.

The punter must return to the little stake if there’s a loss during the progression. And, after four successful bets, the punter still has to return to the initial stake regardless.


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