FC Barcelona Will Try To Return In The Middle Of a Bad Situation
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FC Barcelona Will Try To Return In The Middle Of a Bad Situation
Date : July 20,2022
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The Return Of FC Barcelona

The 2021-22 season of the Spanish La Liga was plagued with controversial moments. Since Cristiano and Messi left Madrid and FC Barcelona, these teams and the entire league have experienced a decline. We must add to this the administrative crisis of teams like FC Barcelona, who had to do everything to maintain their competitive level and finish the season in second place, behind Real Madrid. Although the great surprise that redeemed Spanish football was that Madrid won the Champions League (we repeat: it was a great surprise), that filled the Spanish fans with hope and encouragement. But overall, it was an uninteresting season in terms of football. And FC Barcelona did not escape that. And facing the new season, FC Barcelona has gone through a problematic transfer market in search of the best players so that their coach Xavi Hernández can put together a competitive team that can face Madrid and fights to get as far as possible in the Champions.


Beyond Robert Lewandowski, Barcelona has not done badly in the transfer market, which is good news amid everything. Barcelona secured the stay of Ousmane Dembélé, which is a positive thing. However, it has been difficult for Xavi to find a position where the French-born player can perform at his best. Dembelé is an attacker, but he hasn't shown a great ability to score goals, and he works better when he moves down the flanks. And it will be interesting to see how Dembelé is associated with the new footballers that will play from midfield to the top of the offense: Franck Kessie, the young Pablo Torre, and the Brazilian striker Rafinha.


Franck Kessie, a midfielder who has just played for Milan, has been one of Barcelona's best signings. He is a player who moves in the midfield, generating and putting together offensive plays. Besides, in this preseason, he has made an excellent duo with Pablo Torre, a player who is just beginning his career. This young man has great potential, but his shine has yet to come through. However, he will have to face what he has never done before: a season in La Liga. However, Kessie's experience (despite being only 25 years old) will be a key factor when Xavi organizes the offensive strategies. The uncertainty of Barcelona now is in its ability to score goals. The team has put a lot of effort into trying to sign Robert Lewandowski. But, this may not happen, and if so, the club will have to find a way to strengthen the attack.


Rafinha is coming from scoring 11 Premier League goals for Leeds, and Kessie can score goals, too, despite not being a natural striker. At this point, more questions than answers haunt the corridors of Barcelona. Currently, the only thing that Xavi Hernandez can do is polish the jewels he has and engage a team that needs to redeem itself. Indeed, the rest remains in the hands of the club's management.

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