Where To Bet During The European Football Off-Season?
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Where To Bet During The European Football Off-Season?
Date : June 11,2022
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European Football Off-Season, Where To Bet?

Football never stops, and there is always a big-league active in some countries. So, while the European leagues are on hiatus, there are plenty of options for you to make a profit by betting on exciting matches. Moreover, you can learn about other options to invest in your bankroll. Each of the following leagues features a significant number of betting options. Thus, our recommendation is to research and familiarize yourself with each one. Remember that the more information you obtain, the greater your chances of winning. Everything you need to know is available online. Indeed, it is a matter of how serious and interested you are in the sports betting. In football, each league is changing and evolving. There will always be great favorites; however, the underdogs frequently surprise those performing the best, generating high dividends. So, below we will show you some of the active leagues right now. Do your homework to check which can give you the best chance of winning and bet!

China - League One

The 19th season of the Chinese League One began in early June, with 18 teams divided into three groups. Last season the Wuhan Three Towns won the championship. It is too early for clear trends to be generated. However, during the last few years, China's League One has a peculiarity: the percentage of home/away wins is almost identical. Thus, it does not represent a real advantage to play at home as it does in other leagues.

Argentine First Division Championship

The first division of Argentine football is one of the most important leagues in the American continent. River Plate defends the title obtained last season. The new season has already started, and it is always a good option to investigate and learn about this league. You can find good possibilities to bet and win.

Brazil - Serie A

The most solid league in South America, without a doubt, is Serie A from Brazil, and the Atlético Mineiro club defends the title. So, if you are a football bettor, we suggest you soak up the culture of Brazilian football and look for the best options to bet on.

Japan - J1 League

Japanese football is one of the best on the Asian continent. Betting in its premier league is one of the most exciting experiences in the entire sports betting landscape. This is one of the most competitive leagues worldwide, and the level of parity between the teams is unusual. The 2022 season begins in February and ends in November. The level of equality between the teams is high this season. The victories of teams playing at home are 38%, and those who play as visitors have won 27%. But, there is 34% of draws!

South Korea - K League 1

Another Asian league that offers bettors many options is the K League 1, which started in February and will end in September. In this league, BTTS is low (47%), and just like in Japan's league, the differences between home/away wins are surprisingly close. Likewise, more draws (32%) occur than away team wins (31%). Meanwhile, the teams that play at home have won 37% of the matches.

As we told you before, football doesn't stop!... neither is earning unlimited money. So, you have all these options to make a lot of profit.

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