Karim Benzema - Real Madrid Forward
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Karim Benzema - Real Madrid Forward
Date : January 31,2022
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Karim Benzema French Professional Footballer Reviews

Very few players have a series of characteristics that lead them to become stars of a football team and legends. This possibility diminishes if it is a famous team in which many players give their best to obtain international recognition. For example, in teams like Real Madrid, standing out as a player and earning the respect of the fans is a challenge. The history of Real Madrid is full of great Spanish and international players who have left their legacy at the club. The case of the French attacker Karim Benzema is highly peculiar. He has never been the most famous Real Madrid player, nor the one with the most headlines. But, he has become one of the club's most iconic players. His secret has been to have enough perseverance, dedication, and effort to establish himself in the main engine of Real Madrid

Karim Benzema - A Reliable Team Player

Some players arrive at a team to become stars automatically. Others, on the contrary, develop their careers gradually, adapting to the needs of the club. Karim Benzema is one of such players. Since his arrival at Real Madrid in the 2009-10 season, the French attacker has not become the team's number one forward. Karim Benzema has had the patience and intelligence to forge his path slowly but with great consistency. Since his arrival, there has always been a one-star attacker in Madrid. So, Karim has dedicated himself to doing work that sometimes goes unnoticed—always supporting the other attackers, who received greater opportunities and more coverage from the media.

It has not been easy to consider all the years that Karim Benzema has played for Madrid. Perhaps he would have been immediately recognized as their offensive leader on some other team. However, with Madrid, everything has been different. However, the effort of so many years today places Karim Benzema as one of the best players in the club's entire history. His numbers and stats on him are impressive. He is the fourth-best striker in the history of Real Madrid, and the foreigner with the most matches played with the club, surpassing legends such as Roberto Carlos and the great Zidane. Achieving all this without being the main forward is worthy of admiration. Over time, Karim Benzema has become a player whose consistency and guarantee of delivery on the pitch have earned him the coaches' trust. Moreover, he is also a player very loved by team management, especially club fans. 

Karim Benzema Life After CR7

During all the years that Cristiano Ronaldo was Madrid's superstar, the team's entire game revolved around him. That included Karim Benzema, who was always a support for Ronaldo, and he generated plays for Cristiano to score goals and show his abilities not to miss scoring chances. Thus, Karim Benzema himself has stated that he has always been comfortable with assuming the role that the team requests. But, Benzema's time to shine in his light came from the moment Cristiano left Madrid, and now the Frenchman is the leader of the team's attack. Although he has required many years to achieve it, Karim Benzema has become one of the legendary Real Madrid players.

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