Football Betting PPG (points per game) Statistics Explained
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Football Betting PPG (points per game) Statistics Explained
Date : September 07,2021
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Football Betting PPG (points per game)

Football betting is full of statistics nowadays. Terms such as expected goals (or xG for short) have become accepted among fans and pundits alike. But for those who are entirely new to football betting, there is a lot to understand. It can be confusing to get your head around jargon. For example, points per game. What does this mean, and how can you use it to your advantage in football betting? Read on for the ultimate guide to football betting PPG statistics.

What Does PPG Mean In Football Betting?

PPG means points per game. This means the number of points a team has divided by the number of games they have played. For example, a team with 50 points from 25 games will have a PPG of 2.0. If you have 25 points from 25 games, then the PPG stands at 1.0. However, PPG can be used for cup games as well as league competitions. Add up all the league points and add one for any cup matches. Let's say a team plays 50 games in total throughout a season. If they have won 75 points in that period, their PPG is 1.5. Higher PPG is better than a low score for this metric. But why does PPG matter?

Why Does PPG Matter In Football Betting?

PPG is a clear way to see how well a team is performing over any given period. It is possible to use PPG to analyze performances for a month or the first half of a season. This can help to show whether or not a team is on an upward curve when they go out on the pitch. Comparing PPG in the last 10 games to PPG over the season as a whole can show a team's form. If their recent PPG is lower than their PPG for the campaign, their form may be weak. Higher PPG for the last few games compared to PPG for the season shows they are on a good run. This can help people to decide where to put their money when they are betting on football betting. You can also rank teams in the league on PPG for a particular period. If a team with an excellent recent PPG is facing a team with poor PPG of late, this might influence a betting predictions.

What Are Other Statistics Key In Football Betting?

PPG is just one of the statistics that have become increasingly key in football betting. As we mentioned earlier, xG is now one of the first pieces of data that are used in the sport. This metric helps to show the quality of chances that are being generated by a team on the pitch. In football, higher xG scores are better, and low xG scores may indicate a team is having problems in the attacking third. If their xG is higher than the goals they have scored, it could also mean their strikers are not finishing well enough. Teams with lower xG than goals scored might be picking up some successful results, and they could be due to suffering a drop in their form. Goals per game work in the same way as PPG, and this is another metric that is commonly used. When football betting, teams with higher goals per game rating score more goals, giving them a better chance to win matches. Teams with a low record when it comes to goals per game are struggling to put the ball into the back of the net. Statistics like PPG can help out a lot when it comes to football betting nowadays. Good luck!


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