Colombian Footballer James Rodriguez Reviews
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Colombian Footballer James Rodriguez Reviews
Date : October 14,2019
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Colombian Footballer James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez is a Colombian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder or winger for the Spanish club Real Madrid & the National team of Colombia. His vision, techniques, and playmaking skills are praiseworthy. James Rodriguez soon became a recognizable personality in Europe when he was based at Porto. He won many trophies and individual awards during his three years in the club.

In the year 2014, he moved from AS Monaco to Real Madrid for a fee of £63 million which turned him into one of the most expensive players in football as well as a costly Colombian football player.


James Rodriguez International Career

His International career in Colombia started with a team of twenty members with which he had won the 2011 Toulon Tournament. He was then allotted as the captain of the U - 20 crew during the U - 20 FIFA World Cup of 2011. His performance was recognized and praised by the senior squad, and he soon became a part of it by the age of twenty. He consistently played in the 2014 - 2018 FIFA World Cup and awarded the Golden Boot as he was by then recognized as the top goal scorer.

In the past tournament and was included in the Cup's All-Star Team. He was the representative of his Nation in the 2015 Copa America Centenario in the year 2016. And Copa America in 2019. He secured the third place and was also awarded a medal in the year 2016.

James Rodriguez started his professional football career in 2006 with the Colombian second division club Envigado after which he reached the level of the first division through the promotion of 2007. James Rodriguez is the second youngest Colombian player who had started a professional career and played his first match on May 21st, 2016 at the age of fourteen years.


James Rodriguez In Club Atlético Banfield

In 2008, he was signed by the Banfield Argentina team. His first-team debut was made on February 7th in the year 2009 and scored his primary goal for the club in Twenty February 7th. He then achieved the position of a regular first-team player in the year 2009 featured in every game of the Apertura 2009. At the time when he was just seventeen years old, he was recognized as the youngest foreigner player who scored a goal in Argentina.

James' second goal for Banfield was achieved on September 26th after he struck into the corner from the outside area which led to a decisive win against the Newell's Old Boy which aided Banfield in achieving victory for Argentina for the first time in the club 's history. On February 13th, 2010 a glaze was scored by James in a match against his opposing team archrivals Lanus to transform the game into a 2 - 0 in the last moment. After this victory, he was nicknamed as the James Bond of Banfield.

Therefore it is clearly understood that James is one of the most highly talented footballers. He has managed the highest level of performance and made several achievements in a short period.

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