Each Way Betting Explained
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Each Way Betting Explained
Date : July 11,2019
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What Is Each Way Betting?

Each way betting may not be very common and especially to novice punters, but in this article, we will take a look at this betting strategy and how you can use it to your benefit:

For starters, each way bet is more of a betting bonus since it gives a punter the opportunity to bet on two different results at the same time. This is one of the most effective ways through which a punter can cushion themselves against the risk of losses.

In most cases, you will see these two letters, E/W, and that is how you can spot an each way bet. The good thing with these bets is that the bookies allow you to convert standard bets to each way bets, and the only requirement is to notify the bookmarker before placing the bet. This will enable the bookie known upfront that the punter is placing an each way bet which will allow for the correct billing and payments.

To place an each way bet, a punter will be required to pay twice the price given that they are placing two bets in a single one. Thus, a $10 bet that you wish to convert into an each way, will set you back at $20.

Each way betting may not be so popular, but if you are a punter who is more careful on how you spend your bankroll, then this is one of the best types of betting that you can engage in. Look out for a firm favorite so that you can keep your losses at a minimal.

Each industry comes with its own language/jargon and soccer betting is pretty much the same. As a punter, you will be doing yourself a lot of justice by taking the time to learn and understand the language used here which will definitely make the industry a little easier to navigate.


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