Beat The Bookies With Accumulator Bets
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Beat The Bookies With Accumulator Bets
Date : June 06,2019
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How To Beat The Bookies With Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets have the potential to earn punter massive profits but they are equally a risky undertaking if the wager does not put in the necessary tips before selecting the teams.

One of the best tips to use in accumulator bets is to treat each selection as a single bet. This means going out of the comfort zone and digging for statistics about each team everywhere be it from historical data or a trusted betting App.

Stats and what they say about a bet

Once you have done good research, you will come up with an idea of the most likely results and this way; you will know how to select your bets.

Use the law of probability

If you have never used probability before, here are the two methods that you can use to come up with the most probable result:

  • Use the given odds to come up with the perceived probability
  • Look for historical match profile to see the previous match results

Most bookies decide on the odds based on some things including historical statistics, money wagered against the bet and the latest trends among others.

Below is a simple example of how you can calculate your betting percentage using the odds provided by the bookies.

The English Premier League is one of the most common soccer league, and we will use a match from their archives to see how a punter would have performed had they used it to place a bet.

The last week of the 2017/2018 football season had some interesting surprises, and the game between Arsenal and Burnley was one of the most anticipated. Remember, this was the last home game for their coach, Arsene Wenger who was set to leave the club at the end of that season:


Arsenal @ home 1.46

1/1.46= 0.684

0.684 x 100= 68.4%

Draw @ 4.90

1/ 4.90 =0.204

0.204 x 100 = 20%

Burnley Away @ 7.89

1/ 7.89 = 0.126

0.126 x 100 =12.6%


Now, using the example above, we can see that Arsenal had a 68.4% probability of winning that match compared to the other two possibilities. No wonder the team beat their opponent 5-0 in that home win.

This is the best strategy that a punter should use on every selection they have in mind before placing an accumulator bet.

It is the easiest way to beat the bookies.

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