First Goal Scorer Soccer Betting Strategy
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First Goal Scorer Soccer Betting Strategy
Date : May 28,2019
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First Goal Scorer Betting Strategy

Many of us will bet on the first goalscorer market each week, sometimes on more than one occasion. It is a great alternative market and one that gives a great feeling when you back a winner. However, do you use a betting strategy on this market and could you be missing out on value by not using one?

Most people regard a bet on the first goalscorer market as a throw-away bet that is put on for interest, not to make some money. However, you can make money from your first goal scorer betting if you stick to a staking plan and have a betting strategy for who you select that has been researched.

The one error that many people make is that because a first goal scorer is a fun bet, they vary their stakes each week depending on if they have won that week. This will not help you make a profit in the long run, and you may back regular winners, but see little in return.

If you do vary your stakes and you have small amounts of your winners and big amounts on your losers, your betting profit will be stricken.

One other thing that a lot of people do is they choose their player based on recent performances. This will, of course, bring winners, but sometimes a little research can go a long way, and the first goalscorer market is an excellent example of this.

Finding out who are the penalty takers and free kick takers can help you decide who to choose, and those who like to back outsiders should look for defenders who are threatening in the air.

With so many stats available to view on the internet, a quick search and you will be able to find out how likely a team is to score from a corner or free kick if they receive or give away many penalties, and many other stats that will help you decide who to choose.

Only a few people use these when betting on the first goal scorer market, despite these stats being crucial to helping you select your player.

When the first goal scorer betting market became available, the stats were not on offer to punters, however now that they are, we need to use them. They are to our advantage and will help you turn a fun betting market into one that you can make a profit on.

Not many people use the first goal scorer market as a serious betting market; you can get ahead of the game and begin straight away.

The next time you place a bet on the first goal scorer market, make sure you keep your stakes level to enable you to make the best profit possible and do your research.

By taking this market seriously, you will enhance your chances of making a profit, allowing you to land some nice priced winners before the bookmakers start taking the market seriously.

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