Top 3 Profitable Trends In The English Championship
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Top 3 Profitable Trends In The English Championship
Date : October 18,2018
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Profitable Trends so far in the English Championship

The English Championship season is over but again, it'll be back soon enough, and as usual, we will see a few favorable profitable trends. These are teams that are performing in unusual ways that make them more profitable (also desirable) if you support them at certain times. Either that, soccer teams that are either scoring a lot of goals or struggling to score, making them ever so attractive to the goals market as well.

1. Preston North End

Preston North End has been very beneficial in any goal market so far. This is because of the team's lack of goals. They have grappled to score, but they have been able to keep some clean sheets, indicating we can expect to see a lack of goals in their games.

Here are the stats so far:

- 0/5 on both teams to score market
- 4/5 games they kept a clean sheet
- 3/5 games they failed
- 0/5 on the over 1.5 goals market

Any stakes placed on the Preston North End using the goals market and backing either no goals, a few goals or the team not scoring will have yielded a high interest. Hopefully, this will continue, and it is something I will be banking in the coming weeks. Returning a few goals, keeping away from both groups in scoring the market and supporting the clean sheets is something you can expect me doing with the Preston North End in the next couple of matches.

2. Sheffield United

Despite being promoted to the English Championship last season, and starting this season as a potential relegation candidate, Sheffield United have made a flying start at home. They have played five English Championship games so far, won three out of three at home and lost out of two away from home. They have scored five goals at home, compared to none away from home and look like a good team to follow when they are playing in front of their home fans.

Being a smaller club in the division, you will always get a reasonable bet placed on them; even at home or over the next few weeks. You can expect me to keep looking back at them in each of their home games. They have started very well on the home ground and have been very profitable ever since hopefully, this remains for the remaining season.

3. Hull City

Hull City have started the season pretty good but so far the big headline for me has been how many goals they have scored, and how many they have conceded. People backing Hull City to be involved in high scoring games will find themselves well in profit so far, here are the stats:

- 5/5 games over 1.5 goals
- 4/5 games over 2.5 goals
- 3/5 games over 3.5 goals
- 2/5 games over 4.5 goals

Shall we expect to see this trend continue in the coming weeks? Hopefully, we will be backing goals in any games where Hull City are actively taking part. They have proven themselves to be profitable so far, and let's expect that will continue the same in the future? The dream of making an interest in the over 2.5 goals market and the over 3.5 goals market will soon be realized.

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