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Betfame Blog | Arsene Wenger Top Seven Signings at Arsenal
Date : October 08,2018
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Arsene Wenger Signings at Arsenal

Article last updated on 10th of September 2019

Laboriously blamed and crucified by some, hailed and respected by others, either way, the longest-serving manager in Arsenal era will inevitably deserve at least some pages in the history books of the club when his time as a club manager reach its end.

All through his two-decade reign, Arsene Wenger has acquired and let go lots of players. Some of them grew and became club’s legends while there are some who were significant failures.

However, it’s tough to pick only seven deals, especially after Arsene, received the recognition of a fantastic scout and even higher executor at the transfer marketplace. Here are our top 7 signings of Arsene Wenger’s generation:

7. Kolo Toure

Signed for just £150,000 in 2002 from an unknown Ivorian club (ASEC Mimosas), Kolo would later end up a critical a part of Arsenal’s defense inside the post-invincible era.

He was signed as a utility player and kicked off his Arsenal career mostly coming on from the bench while playing as a defensive midfielder or a right fullback.

However, having a clear talent to produce great sliding tackles and read the game from the back, he was always going to end as a center back.

Having gained enough revel as a part of the legendary, ‘’Invincible’’ generation in his first year at Arsenal, Kolo successfully filled in Tony Adams shoes to become a pacesetter within the coronary heart of Gunner’s defense.

6. Robin van Persie

He might be called traitor and Judas by every Arsenal fan. However, RvP somehow found his way to the list and here is why.
Bought for just £2.75m from Feyenoord in 2004, in a clear bargain, especially fueled by the fact that he scored 132 goals for Arsenal, rating him 8th place on the club’s all-time scoring list.

Captivated via his refined style of playing and developing into a prolific and one of the deadliest finisher in world football, RvP stayed at Arsenal for eight years, before leaving for Manchester United in 2012.

While at Arsenal, van Persie won only two major trophies: an FA Cup and Community Shield, but fans will forever remember the 2012/13 Premier League campaign where he managed to add the Premier League Golden Boot award to his name, scoring 30 goals.

5. Sol Campbell

Another Invincible and another defensive legend, Sol Campbell went on to become one of the greatest ever Center backs to wear the Arsenal colors.

Campbell joined Arsenal in 2001 from bitter rivals Tottenham, on a free transfer, under scandalous circumstances, ending months of speculation and uncertainty regarding his destiny.

Sol Campbell quickly grew into a regular starter in Arsene Wenger’s 2001/02 season, earning the honor to partner Tony Adams and Martin Keown.

Thanks to his gargantuan figure and power of character, Sol appeared wholly indestructible and imposed fear in opponents with just looking at them.

He may also be remembered for his never-ending sliding tackle while playing for England against Croatia, where legend says: he is still sliding!

4. Cesc Fabregas

Signed on a free transfer since his early days from Barcelona’s academy, La Masia, back in 2003, Cesc Fabregas would later become the youngest Arsenal captain and one of Arsene Wenger’s masterpieces.

With only one year experience in the Arsenal’s academy, Fabregas was slowly inserted into the first team by Arsene Wenger, and he returned the favor by showing his actual abilities to the football world back in the 2004/05 season, but it was not until 2005/06 that he stepped in and broke into the starting eleven.

The art of passing, vision and being able to read the game learned at La Masia, helped him become, one of the most creative and innovative midfielders that ever performed in this beautiful game.

In the 2008/09 season, Fabregas was named as a successor to William Gallas as club captain, becoming the youngest ever Arsenal player to wear the captain’s armband.

3.Robert Pires

Having just added a World Cup and a European Championship medal to his name, Robert Pires chose Arsenal as his next destination, joining our club at the beginning of July 2000.

Bobby was already 27 when he came to London from Marseille for a fee of £6 million, and he had already collected enough experience, to cope with the requirements and the physicality of The Premier League. He settled very quickly into the team and played a vital part, achieving four major trophies (2001’-02’; 2003’-04 Premier League 2002’-03’; 2004-05’ FA Cup) during his six years at Arsenal.

Many football pundits would say that it was his introducing to the Premier League that changed the perception of an attacking minded winger. He was one of the first comprehensive players to play on a side, opposite to his stronger foot and he did it the best.

2. Patrick Vieira

Despite being signed by Bruce Rioch during 1996, Patrick Viera would later reveal that Arsene Wenger had a major influence on his decision to join Arsenal. A fee of around £3.5 million was paid to Inter for his services, and from this perspective, it looks like an absolute bargain.

The Frenchmen brought instant stability and creativity to Arsenal’s sluggish midfield at the time and went on to become a key figure in every season he has played for the team.

With 402 games, he still holds the record for most games played under Arsene Wenger. With his will to stand for his teammates, fight for every ball and his overall influence on and off the pitch, he was rightfully named club captain in May 2002, succeeding the armband from Tony Adams.

1. Thierry Henry

No surprises, as Arsenal’s all-time leading scorer with 228 goals tops the list of ‘’Top 7 players signed by Arsene Wenger’’.
Having joined the club for £11 million from his short stay at Juventus in 1999, Henry went on to become one of the best football players in the world.

Mentored and coached by top manager Arsene Wenger, Thierry Henry developed a style of an electric and prolific goal-scorer, unprecedented until then and while there were some who could score goals and some who could score beautiful goals, Titou could do both.
Thierry Henry won two Premier League titles and three FA Cups during his eight years at Arsenal and wore the captain’s armband in his last two years at the club.

A real idol of many generations, Thierry Henry, is responsible for millions of fans, including me choosing to support Arsenal for years to come and his glorious return and scoring against Leeds United, just can’t be described by words.

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