Why Chelsea Appointed Maurizio Sarri Despite His Lack Of Titles?
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Why Chelsea Appointed Maurizio Sarri Despite His Lack Of Titles?
Date : May 04,2019
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Reasons Chelsea Appointed Maurizio Sarri Despite His Lack Of Titles?

Taking a look at Chelsea’s long list of former managers, Maurizio Sarri, a former banker with a smoking habit `who has never played professionally, seems like a rather odd choice. Throughout his managerial career, he has never once won a league. So why exactly was he appointed as Chelsea’s manager?

Maurizio Sarri Track Record

Roman Abramovich seems to have based his decision on potential, rather than past performance. A pragmatic one nonetheless, as the former Napoli manager does have an incredible track record. Napoli flourished under his guidance. During his time as head coach, Napoli was given the title of Winter Champions or Campioni d'Inverno, for the first time in almost three decades, after placing first in 2016 – 2017 Serie A season, during which they scored a team record of 94 goals, and finished second the next year, retaining their title. His three seasons with them were undeniably successful.

Style Of Play

Maurizio Sarri brings to Chelsea a revolutionary coaching style, one that’s radically different from Conte’s approach. After a rocky season, he could potentially bring the much-needed change that The Blues require. He also brings with him his pulling power in the transfer market. Jorginho, the former Napoli midfielder, for example, was reported to have sided with Chelsea over Manchester City so that he could continue to work with Maurizio Sarri. Jorginho played a critical role in the success of his team last year, and his transfer is undoubtedly one of the best Premier League signings.

Marina Granovskaia, Chelsea’s director, stated on their official website that they were impressed with his “attacking approach and dynamism.” His signature of the 4-3-3 formation brings about more fluidity into the game, while maintaining a strong defense. With a focus on short quick passes and ball retention, his style is quite the departure from Conte’s defense-heavy approach.

Maurizio Sarri drove Napoli to success through coaching players to suit his style, rather than buying players who already adhere to it, by making tactical decisions, and risky yet innovative changes when required. He was able to pull his former team out of a slump, and many anticipate that he will be able to do the same for Chelsea, and hopefully, he’ll be able to bag his first league win.

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