Chelsea Discarded Manager Pile And Antonio Conte
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Chelsea Discarded Manager Pile And Antonio Conte
Date : July 22,2019
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Chelsea Discarded Managers

Managerial constancy isn’t precisely Chelsea’s forte. They’ve had their fair share of manager dismissals since the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich bought the club in 2003, and Antonio Conte was the most recent expulsion, making him the 10th permanent manager to be sacked during the Abramovich era. Let’s take a look at the others who also didn’t quite cut.


Claudio Ranieri

He was the first to go, mostly due to his inability to bring home any trophies.

Jose Mourinho

Despite bagging several victories and successful signings, personal differences resulted in him being sacked in 2007, before returning in 2013, for a much less prosperous three seasons.

Avram Grant

Grant’s year as manager proved to be a good one, having won every single home game.

Luiz Felipe Scolari

A 55.56% win rate was not good enough, as he was discharged just seven months after being hired as Chelsea’s manager.

Guus Hiddink

Hiddnik too did not last a year, as he chose to return to his post as Russia’s manager after an incredibly successful run, and returned later in 2015 on an interim basis.

Carlo Ancelotti

Appointed as manager in 2009, he won the Premier League and the FA Cup but was later dismissed in 2011.

Andre Villas-Boas

Having won only 19 of 40 games, he was shown the door after a few months.

Roberto Di Matteo

His dismissal in 2012 was criticized by many, as he led Chelsea to their first Champions League victory, as well as an FA Cup victory.

Rafael Benitez

The former Liverpool manager had quite the fruitful run, winning the Europa League, as well as a third place, finish in both the Champion’s League and Premier League, before being substituted by Mourinho in 2013, who was replaced by Hiddink in 2015.

Antonio Conte dismissal as Chelsea’s manager this July came as no surprise to anyone, and was long overdue, according to many fans. After having a hugely successful first season, he was sacked less than two months after the Blues won the FA Cup, despite him having a year remaining on his contract.

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