Use PPG (Points Per Game) To Win In Football Betting
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Use PPG (Points Per Game) To Win In Football Betting
Date : September 22,2022
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How To Use PPG (Points Per Game) To Win In Football Betting

PPG or points per game is the average number of points a team wins across all the games played across a season. For the average PPG, divide the total points won by the number of games played (including wins, losses, and draws). For example, if a team wins every game in the Premier League (out of 38 games), their average PPG is 3 points per game and is the highest a team can expect. If a team wins 0 games and loses all their games, then their average PPG is 0 points per game. However, while teams win the EPL undefeated, they rarely win all games in a stipulated season. Most groups tend to have a PPG average below three goals per game. Anything above 2 PPG per game is good, while teams in the relegation zone usually end up with an average PPG of 1 or under every game.  

How To Use PPG (Points Per Game)?

Punters use PPG based on past data and results to predict future games and outcomes. PPG works on the assumption that past results dictate future performance. While this is true, punters also need to consider that a team’s PPG indicates how a team will perform for the remaining games in the season and not necessarily how a team will perform in the next round. Moreover, groups tend to produce different results depending on the opponents in the immediate game and not just based on past results across all teams.

Features Of PPG (Points Per Game)

Some key features of PPG include utilizing PPG as an estimate of performance, sub-classifying PPG according to home and away performance, using a team’s form, making wagers on relegation battles, and average league PPG.

1. Is An Estimate Of Average performance

PPG is used as an estimate of performance and isn’t the only metric used to determine future performance. As with all appraisals, they’re only approximations of past results. Future performance always tends to deviate based on form, transfers, managers, goals scored, assists, tournaments the team is participating in, and more. For instance, a team with a PPG of 2 points per game means the team scores 2 points every game. However, no result in football produces 2 points. A team can get 0 points for losing, 1 point for a draw, and 3 points for a victory. Thus, the team has a high probability of winning 3 points, with a lower likelihood of the result ending in a draw or loss.

2. Classify By PPG (Points Per Game) At Home And Away

Punters can further classify PPG based on home performance and away performance. For example, teams play 18 games at home and 18 away from home in a single season of the EPL. Generally, groups tend to have a higher PPG average for home and away games. However, Chelsea had a better PPG for away games versus home games for the 2021-2022 EPL season. Punters can consider if the next game is a home or away game and the PPG for such games before making a wager.

3. Form

When considering PPG, punters must also calculate PPG over a certain number of games relevant to the current wager. For example, making a wager on a team in a Cup competition requires detailed knowledge of the present and past seasons. However, making a wager on a team’s next game includes utilizing PPG over the past three or five games in the same League plus head-to-head PPG between the teams playing against each other.

4. Relegation Battle Wagers

PPG is important in deciding relegation battles between teams on the lower end of league tables. Most teams fighting to avoid relegation try to score 1 points per game, which on average equals 38 to 40 points at the end of the season.

5. Average League PPG (Points Per Game)

The average PPG for different teams varies across high-scoring and low-scoring football leagues. For example, a strong team with very few top competitors, such as PSG in Ligue 1, has a higher PPG versus Manchester City in the EPL because of the type of top opponents. Average league PPG is also used with other wagers, such as the over/above betting market.



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