What It Means For Dutching In Soccer Betting?
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What It Means For Dutching In Soccer Betting?
Date : July 27,2020
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Dutching In Soccer Betting

Gambling on sports can be very profitable. If you want to be able to make long-term stable profits when you bet, it is integral that you use strategies. Strategies can be super simple or incredibly complex. They can either increase your chances of winning or increase your profit margins or both if you're smart about it. One particular betting strategy that punters all around the world swear by is Dutching or Dutch betting. How profitable is this approach to betting? What if we told you that there was a way you could guarantee a profit each time you make a bet? Although this may sound too good to be true, it is possible.

This can be done through this incredibly simple process known as Dutching, or Dutch betting.


What Is Dutch betting?

Dutching is a strategy that is so simple that you'll probably hate yourself for not thinking of it before. Essentially, dutching is the process of backing multiple outcomes of the same event. You must split your stake across a range of different bets in such a way that no matter what the result is, you make a profit. Naturally, Dutching comes in real handy when you want to back more than one option or if you're just downright confused and don't know what to stake your money on. Dutch betting was a punter's go to before the emergence of betting exchanges, where laying a bet is possible, eliminating the need for matched betting.

Here's a fun fact: the term "Dutching" gets its name from the infamous New York mobster Dutch Schultz who pioneered this form of betting. At the races, he would allegedly stake his money on a couple of horses, instead of risking it all on one. But regardless of its rather questionable origins, Dutch betting is perfectly legal and is also practiced all over the world. It's quite simple, and here's how you would go about implementing this strategy.


Find the implied probability

The first step would be to find the implied probability of the odds so that you could gain a clear idea of the likelihood of that outcome occurring.


Here's an example:

  • The odds on team A is 3.0, which is a 30% probability.
  • The odds on team B is 5.5, which is an 18% probability.
  • Now that you know the probability calculate your profits.


Find implied profits

In Dutch betting, you need to stake your money in such a way that no matter what happens, you get a profit. This can be done by betting a small amount on high odds and betting a large amount on low odds. Here's how you would apply Dutch betting to the above example: You stake $65 on team A, which would lead to an implied profit of $94 if the bet was successful. If you stake $35 on team B, your profits will be $94.

It doesn't matter what outcome you choose to bet on, if you bet the right amount of money on the right results, you will make a profit regardless.


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