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Betfame Blog | The Best Football Betting Strategy
Date : November 13,2019
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What are the Best Strategies for Football Betting?

Over/Under Strategy

Similar to the boxing Over/Under Strategy, it involves a statistic insight. The average number of goals scored in every football match in all leagues is 2.5. This statistic forms the foundation of this strategy.

After thorough research, punters make an educated guess to decide the number of goals scored in a match. Will it be over or under 2.5?

This strategy revolves around this principle. It is either under or over; no other outcomes are possible. The Over/Under Strategy comes with multiple perks and offers you the opportunity to make a considerable profit.


Betting Against the Favorites

Sounds silly, right?

The crowd loves teams that perform well. What are the odds of them losing, it may sound like bad advice but is it?

This strategy requires analytical decision-making skills.

First, research and find out the upcoming fixtures of your favorite team. If big games against stronger opposing are lined up, there is a good chance they rest key players. Consider different leagues that progress simultaneously. This may impact their overall performance. This is where you dive in!

Bet on the underdog to win in such matches as the chances are phenomenal. Now of course if there are no crucial fixtures around the match then betting on the underdog is plain stupid.


The Asian Handicap

If you see a game with apparent outcomes and fixed odds, use this as your go-to strategy.

Consider the fixture Liverpool vs.Southampton at Liverpool’s home ground. You know the obvious instinct is to bet on Liverpool as you can predict the result. Although the problem is when you bet on Liverpool, you may not make any profit.

The Asian Handicap strategy puts a handicap on the favorites (Liverpool in this case). To win a bet, the stronger team needs to overcome the handicap. There are three variations in Asian Handicap Betting,

  • Level Handicap
  • Single Handicap
  • Double Handicap


Betting on a Draw

This system requires foresight and a lot of homework. Find out patterns or regularities in which the team finishes in a draw. This football betting strategy focuses mostly on the teams. If there’s a team involved that you have noticed many draws, it is the best time to use this strategy.

However, avoid the big leagues where chances of a draw are minimum such as La Liga. Go for leagues like Bundesliga and Ligue 1. Follow a team with the highest possibility of a draw and bet on it for a draw. Even if you lose the initial bets, a draw is just around the corner. If you want an exciting game, then this may not be the best strategy for you. In such a case, consider the previously mentioned football betting strategies to win big.

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