Arsenal Performance In English Premier League 2019 / 2020
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Arsenal Performance In English Premier League 2019 / 2020
Date : June 22,2020
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Arsenal In English Premier League 2019 / 2020

Arsenal was just one point shy of qualifying for the Champions League and making the top 4 last Premier League season. This time around, things are looking a lot bleaker for the Gunners. This year marks Arsenal’s 28th Premier League season. While the Gunners have had amazing runs in the past, they seem to be struggling with this campaign. Will head coach Unai Emery be sacked before the end of the season? Will Arsenal overcome their mid-table mediocrity, or will they claw themselves back to the top? Read on to find out what experts are saying.


English Premier League 2019 / 2020

Arsenal, arguably one of the best football clubs Europe has to offer, seems to be struggling to keep up this 2019/20 Premier League season. They have not won a match since the beginning of October, and their run so far has been quite disappointing, to say the least. They got off to a shaky start even during their pre-season with former captain and center back, Laurent Koscielny. This mediocre form has continued well into the 2019/20 Premier League season it seems like.

They started off perfectly alright, winning their first match of the season against Newcastle United after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang managed to find the net. They also managed to beat Burnley 2 -1 in their first home match. But that’s where their streak ended.  


Arsenal Recent Form

Taking a look at their last 5 matches, they've been winless. So far, we've seen three lackluster home draws against the Wolverhampton Wanderers, Crystal Palace and Southampton, and two losses against and Leicester City the newly-promoted Sheffield United.

They have some big matches coming up soon, including ones against current title holders Manchester City in December, and ones against Chelsea and Manchester United early next year. While most pundits believe that a title win is highly unlikely, the Gunners need to step their game up if they're aiming for a top 4, or even a top 6 finish.

They have, however, lost their last eight matches all competitions taken into consideration, making this one of their worst runs in a good while, since 1992 in fact. Some experts, Martin Keown, for example, reckon that they might even end up facing relegation. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has so far been their only saving grace, but no club ever fairs well when they piggyback off of one single player.

Unai Emery

Their newly appointed head coach, Unai Emery has recently faced a barrage of criticism of late. Among rumors of an early exit, Emery has stated that he would be working on improving his squad’s current form, as well as their performance in the Europa League, instead of worrying too much about his future with his team. But with the way things are going, they may not even qualify next season. Fans are turning on the manager, and their last home match at Emirates saw its worst attendance ever. Since then, Unai Emery has been sacked by Arsenal.

Although Arsenal’s future seems uncertain at this point, they will be presented with several opportunities to save themselves and their next match against Norwich City at Carrow Road will be one of them. Norwich seems to slightly worse off, struggling to move up from the bottom end of the table. They should be able to gain a couple of points, which would hopefully snap them out of the slump they have found themselves in. 

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