2019–2020 English Premier League Top 4 Previews
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2019–2020 English Premier League Top 4 Previews
Date : September 17,2019
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English Premier League Top 4 Previews

The last Premier League was a wild ride, with Manchester City finishing on top, only one point ahead of Liverpool. The 2019/20 season of the English Premier League is all set to kick off in a couple of months, and if it is anything like last season, then we’re in for some high-quality football. Although it may be a little too early to speculate, predictions for the title race are already out. Several bookmakers and pundits have already taken a gander at which teams they think will make it to the top of the table, and qualify for the Champions League. Let’s take a look at some of these predictions, shall we?

Manchester City

Some had their doubts that Manchester City would be able to win the title two times consecutively, but they went ahead and did that anyway. Will the Sky Blues be able to it three times in a row? Well, most experts certainly seem to think so. Their last two campaigns have been nearly flawless. Last season, they amassed a total of 98 points, and 100 points in their season before that. They have quality players, a squad like no other, and just by looking at what they’ve done in the past few seasons, it would be safe to assume they would be the dominant team for years to come.


Liverpool only lost one game last Premier League season, and that was against Manchester City. They breezed through the League and made what they did look comfortable. They never faltered, and at one point they were a full 10 points ahead of Manchester City. If there’s any team that can end City’s streak, it’s Liverpool. They too have an absolute unit of a team, that Jurgen Klopp had spent years molding. It took him years to build this squad, and they’re next to perfect, well rounded, and complete in every way possible.

Tottenham Hotspurs

Although this list might be starting to look oddly familiar, bear with us. Tottenham made it into the top four by the skin of their teeth last season, and the bookies have them pegged for doing it again. According to the new fixtures that came out a couple of days ago, for their first match, they’ll be taking on the newly promoted Aston Villa. They made it to the Champions League finals last season which is very impressive, taking into consideration the level of talent present in that tournament. They also didn't sign anyone and stuck with the squad they had. Spurs will most likely make it into the top 4 this season.

Manchester United

Manchester United, unfortunately, missed making it into the top 4 last season as they finished 6th. The thing that makes this more impressive is that at the start of the season, no one thought they would be remotely close to the top. They had a shaky start and remained in the middle of the table for a large portion of the competition, where we all thought they would stay. Later, in a dramatic spike in their performance, they quickly shot up the table. If they manage to play with the form they had towards the end of last Premier League season, there is a good chance that they would make it to the top four this time around.

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