Inter Milan Performance In Italy Serie A 2019 / 2020
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Inter Milan Performance In Italy Serie A 2019 / 2020
Date : June 11,2020
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Inter Milan In Italy Serie A 2019 / 2020

Juventus has been dominating Serie A for the past few years. However, one team that always gave them a run for their money would be Inter Milan. While they finished 4th in the table last season, experts reckon that they could finally end Juventus supremacy. Currently sitting right below them, this is a genuine possibility. Will this season be when Inter Milan finally wins their first Scudetto in years, or will current champions Juventus continue to reign supreme?


Italy Serie A 2019 / 2020

Inter Milan is often considered to be one of the greatest football teams in Italy and even Europe. They're a formidable force, but when it comes to their local league – Serie A, the title always seems to be just out of reach.

Historically, Juventus has always come out on top, and have done so for the past eight seasons. But with the way things are currently shaping out to be, talking heads and experts think that Juventus dominance is finally over and that it's Inter Milan time to shine. We're already 13 matches in, and they're comfortable sitting at number 2, just one point below behind Juventus after only one draw against Parma and one loss against Juventus. But with the way things are currently folding out to be, they may end up usurping the leaders in the foreseeable future.


Inter Milan Success

Antonio Conte seems to be fitting in very well in Italy, as we have seen some significant improvement's in Inter Milan's form since his arrival. They started off their Premier League campaign with an easy 4 - 0 home victory against Lecce. Belgium International and new signing Romelu Lukaku managed to find the net on his debut with the Italian Giants. He, along with Marcelo Brozovic and Stefano Sensi, put their team in a comfortable lead in the first half. In contrast, Antonio Candreva's goal in the second half pretty much cemented their victory.

They edged their way to the top of the table after a 1-0 win over Lazio at the San Siro after a tremendous header by Danilo D'Ambrosio, and they stayed there after an easy away 1 - 3 victory against Sampdoria. There was an inkling that things might go south for Inter after Sampdoria's Jakub Jankto's scored a few minutes into the second half. Still, Roberto Gagliardini's goal soon after steered things in the right direction.


Inter Milan Versus Juventus

But this was the end of their lossless run after the first Derby d'Italia of the season. Inter tried their very best to hold off the current champions but to no avail, as they lost 2 – 1 after an intense standoff at the San Siro. Juventus took an early lead, with Dybala scoring just a few minutes after the game started. Lautaro Martínez quickly scored an equalizer, but to no avail as Gonzalo Higuaín picked up Cristiano Ronaldo's assist, winning the game for their side.

They very nearly lost the opportunity to gain 3 points in their match against Sassuolo but managed a 4 - 3 victory, which was quickly followed by a draw against Parma. But things have been looking up for them since then, as they have managed to beat out the rest of the competition so far. They do have a big match coming up against Roma in December, but apart from that, it's all smooth sailing for now.


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