Juventus Performance In Italy Serie A 2019/2020
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Juventus Performance In Italy Serie A 2019/2020
Date : June 01,2020
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Juventus In Italy Serie A 2019/2020

Juventus have been pretty much dominating the Italian football scene for years now. With 35 titles in total and an unbeaten 8-year run, they're a force to be reckoned with. They seem to get better with every season, bringing in some great additions to the team and honing their technique. Last campaign, they won the Serie A league for the eight-time in a row, sitting atop the table with an 11 point league. They seem to be doing just as well this year and have so far enjoyed an unbeaten start to the season. Will Juventus win their 9th title, or will this season be someone else's time to shine?

Juventus In Italy Serie A

There is no doubt about it - Juventus is one of the finest football clubs to ever come out of Europe. They hold the record for the most number of Italy Serie A titles and have successfully managed to hold on to it for the past eight years with no problems whatsoever. Many speculate that they will take home their ninth sliver this season.

They're a well-rounded team, and they don't tend to piggyback off of a single player for success. Despite Cristiano Ronaldo's injury, which meant he had to sit their match against Atlanta out, they still managed to snatch an easy 1 - 3 away victory.

While Ronaldo may not be functioning at his optimal form for his home club right now, a lot of attention is being given to new signing and former Golden boy in Matthijs de Ligt. After a rather drawn-out start that was beginning to lead to some doubt, the Dutch international seems to have finally found his footing on Italian soil, thanks to their newly appointed head coach - Maurizio Sarri.


Inter And The Competition

Inter Milan and Lazio are not far behind in Serie A. All it takes is a couple of mistakes for there to be a new champion. As of now, Inter Milan is only a point behind the current reigning champions, and have even knocked them down from that top spot a few times this season. But taking into consideration the way things are going, Juventus may be quite safe, sitting on top of the table for the foreseeable future.

They started the season with an away win against Parma, all thanks to Chiellini. He found the net during the first half of the match and managed to maintain this lead with ease. Their next match at Allianz against Napoli was quite the doozy. They won 4 - 3 after the away team's defender Kalidou Koulibaly scored an own goal and handed them the victory. Florentina, however, managed to keep Juventus a bay, denying them of the full three points after a goalless face off.


The Rest Of The Season

After a smattering of other victories, Juventus took on Leece with the absence of Ronaldo and tied for the second time this season. They took the lead a few minutes into the second half, but Leece's Marco Mancosu quickly scored an equalizer, denying their opponents of a win.

Juventus later took on their most prominent goal in the season's first Derby d'Italia - Inter Milan. It was a close match indeed, but Gonzalo Higuain scored with just 10 minutes remaining, ruining Inter's perfect start to the Serie A season. Their next big challenge would be an away match against Lazio that is to take place in the first week of December.


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