Leicester City Performance In Premier League 2019/2020
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Leicester City Performance In Premier League 2019/2020
Date : June 06,2020
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Leicester City In Premier League 2019/2020

Since the commencement of this season's Premier League, there is a heavy focus on Liverpool and Manchester City. Taking into consideration how well they did last campaign, pundits considered them to be the only real title contenders this time around. This makes sense. The two clubs finished at the top of the table just one point away from each other, but well ahead of their other contenders. But this year, one team seems to have come out of nowhere and dominated the scene - Leicester City.


English Premier League 2019/2020

Football is a beautiful game. Entertaining, adrenaline-fueled, and highly unpredictable. There's no saying what could happen, favorites falter, and underdogs come up from nowhere and pick up a victory when everyone least expects it. A true testament of the sport's unpredictability can be found in Leicester City's performance this 2019/20 Premier League season so far.

If you have a look at the predictions for the top 4 of the Premier League before the start of the season, no one expected them to perform as well as they're doing right now. As of now, they seemed to have cemented their spot in the top 4, and are currently sitting above last season's champions Manchester City, and one spot below Jorgen Klopp's squad, only a few points behind them, comfortably at 2nd place. They have, so far, equaled their 2015/16 record for most consecutive wins. The last time they played this well, they won the league, and chances are, if they keep up this form, history may just end up repeating itself.


Leicester City Success

They've already had some stellar victories this season. One that has to be mentioned is those 9-0 win against Southampton last October. They led the way right from the start, not even once giving their opponents a chance to gain the upper hand.  

A lot of credit has to be given to head coach, Brendan Rodgers, who has been doing a great job with the team since February. The former Newbury Town defender has tightened up all of their loose ends, doubling down on his team's attack. This tactic seems to work very well, as the foxes have had no trouble penetrating even some of the most robust defenses.

A lot of their success can be attributed to their striker, Jamie Vardy, who has been nothing short of phenomenal. He is currently in the best form in his career, with 12 goals in his last 13 appearances, and his hat-trick against Southampton has put him in the running for the top goal scorer of the season. James Madden deserves some praise as well, who recently earned his first cap with England earlier this month. But credit should go to their defense as well, particularly Wilfred Ndidi, who has done an incredible job of keeping their opponents from finding the net.

While Liverpool has a higher chance of winning the premier league, with five straight victories, where only one goal was conceded, Leicester City will give them a run for their money.


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