Ways to Increase Your Chances Up to 50% with Sports Betting
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Ways to Increase Your Chances Up to 50% with Sports Betting
Date : September 17,2017
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Whether you are a new comer to sports betting or an old player in the industry, you will agree with me that in sports betting, you stand better chances of winning as compared to other fields like playing roulette or craps. While the latter are games of chance, you will find that, sports betting gives you a higher chance since it’s much easier to predict the most likely result of an event. Below are some tips that every bettor needs to take into account for them to realize good profits in this industry.


Placing Bets on the Right Sports Book

Statistics have been known to suggest that, bettors who place their bets using the correct sports bookie stand a chance of increasing their odds to as high as 3%.


Bet Against what the Public believes will be the outcome

There is a common believe that going against the public can be profitable. This tactic has seen many bettors who made a bet on the “other” team make a considerable profit.


Do Your Homework Before the Game Kicks off

Although sports betting involves predictions, it is extremely important to do some research relating to all aspects of a game. Be ahead of other bettors by learning about certain circumstances and data that may influence the end results. This includes things like which player is missing due to injury or sickness.


Place a bet for the Underdog

A quick look at statistics will show you that, it is more favorable to bet on an underdog at home. Remember this team has played on their home ground for a long time and they have mastered the art. Websites like Whoscored and topsportspicks are a good place to get teams statistics.


Make Arbitrage Bets

Arbitrage bets are a favorite to many professional bettors but you can also take advantage of them. These types of bets are almost an assured way of making money regardless of the outcome of the sporting event.


Make use of Square and Sucker Lines

A huge majority of sports bettors tend to shy away from the use of square lines.  These are simply lines which have been designed to woo the public opinion into betting a certain way. The trick here is to monitor the trend in the betting percentages and once you learn the trend, you will be in a position to make some good money with these lines.


Place a bet when you are sober!

You may underestimate this but common knowledge dictates that, when someone is drunk they tend to have impaired judgment.  Alcohol may drive you into that “unreal” courage where you end up making a bet in a rash which could end u to be an expensive affair.


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