The Best Soccer Bets To Buy On Black Friday
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The Best Soccer Bets To Buy On Black Friday
Date : November 23,2017
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The Best Soccer Bets To Buy This Black Friday

The article was updated on the 29th of March 2019


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Discounts might have expired but we suggest readers stay tuned to these amazing sites for more up to date offers.

One of the greatest things about Thanksgiving week, other than sitting down with your loved ones for a turkey dinner, of course, would be Black Friday. Black Friday is upon us and with it comes great discounts.

These discounts extend to soccer betting, football betting, and gambling. The Saturday following Black Friday is lined up with several football games across Europe’s major competitions such as the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and so on.

Several betting sites are offering different offers/discounts on betting markets this Black Friday, not to mention all the extra bonuses.

All these offers can be availed only on Black Friday (or until the end of November) so be ready to book your offer on the 24th of November as soon as it is available. The bets can be made for the weekend match days following Black Friday.

Most games between teams immediately before, during or after Black Friday see some really great offers, so keep your eyes open, and you're bound to find yourself a good deal.

Here is a list of soccer bets that are available to buy on Black Friday. Most of these offers have hidden terms and conditions and clauses that determine how and when you get your bonus/discount. Choose from this array of brands and steal the deal before it’s too late:

Best Soccer Bets


BetFame is a great sport tipping marketplace that any fan of betting should frequent. It is a space developed for professional tipsters bettors. To get into the Back Friday sport,,

BetFame is offering a 10% Black Friday discount for old and new customers on everything from the 1st to the 30th of November. BetFame also offers Wow Wednesday’s 600 credits for the price of 500 credits.

They have a range of verified soccer tipsters with different levels of experience and price points for you to choose from, you even have free access to their junior tipsters.


At SportsTrade, you will find a range of genuine professional tipsters that will help you pick out the best bets and odds on soccer games.

This discount is applicable throughout November. The site lists the tipsters signal with the most consecutive winnings. They're very transparent with their wins and losses, hits and misses, as they have multiple infographics out on display for everyone to see as soon as you enter their website. When it comes to reliability, SportsTrade comes out on top.


Bettingleads is offering a 10% discount (promo code: BF10BL) on all Black Friday bets made on the 24th of November 2017. It is a sports betting, odds and tipster aggregator giving you accurate information from professionals across the globe.

Tips range from $100-$2500 and can be bought here. Apart from tips, they have a great blog that features plenty of posts with great betting advice for newcomers, as well of professional punters. With them, you will be able to find some of the best soccer bets money can buy.


BetScans is so much more than a mere soccer tipping service. Betscans scans the internet with a tool to find you the best bets available out there.

The site offers current news, game analysis, certified tipsters, odds, etc. from games in Asia, Europe, South America, North America Africa, and Australia.

This Black Friday you have two coupons available, the first is a 10% discount on all bets for the Leicester vs Everton game. The second coupon is a 15% discount on any purchase made during the Black Friday weekend.


For Black Friday, SoccerTipsters is offering customers a 25% discount (promo code: BF1711). This coupon is valid for all purchases (senior tips, bundle tips, and premium tips) made between 15th November to 30th November.

The site also offers a Cyber Monday promo (promo code: CYBMON88) which gives 30% extra free credits with any credit purchase made. This offer is valid from the 19th of November to the 30th of November on any credits pack purchased. 


A double replacement guarantee system is assured with every purchase made on the site. A single replacement guarantee system is also assured for games drawn, postponed or canceled.

Bigtipster has a success rate of over 85% on bets made by providing accurate statistics, authentic tipsters, and expert reviews. Tipsters on winning streaks are ranked and rated in big winnings for bettors to take full advantage of and make a profit.



Bettorclub is an innovative online platform dedicated to providing the online social community with the experience of soccer betting.

A bettor can follow the same bets made by their favorite tipster and simulate those same bets with the click of a button. The best Bettorclub member performers are given monthly awards and prizes.
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