If You Love Live Betting Then You Need to Read This
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If You Love Live Betting Then You Need to Read This
Date : January 01,2018
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There is nothing that scares soccer players as being issued with a card. This is due to the fact that, a red or a yellow card can have a great negative impact on the overall performance of the team. This is even more worrying to wagers who enjoy live betting. Below we take a look at the common cards issued during a game and the effects they have on live betting;

The yellow card


In most cases, a yellow card is a forewarning that the red card could follow soon after if the player continues with acts that are not appropriate for the sporting event. If you enjoy live betting, you should be on the lookout for such and take the appropriate action.
Given that most yellow cards are quickly followed by the red card, it is imperative that a live bettor takes a serious look at the possibility of odds plummeting and act accordingly.

The red card
If there is anything that scares even the best-rated soccer players it is the red card. This card is very common in the field and its effect is felt at the end of the game by both players and bettors. In most cases, a red card issued in the early minutes of the game is characterized by a low morale which eventually leads to no or fewer goals at the ninetieth minute.

A few years ago, precisely the year 2012, a research company by the name Titman et al carried out a study on the overall performance of a team that has been issued with a red card. It was shocking to find that, in most cases, such a team had a much lower score against their opponent with some even scoring a 64.5% lower chance of scoring in comparison to their opponent.

This information is very useful to a bettor particularly if you are interested in live betting as such indicators are great in directing you on where to place your bet. As a wager, these are good indications on which team to bet on. One tip is to study the point at which the card was issued and the possibility of odds fluctuating due to the issuance of the same.

Over to you
If you are engaging in live sports betting with the aim of making some profits as opposed to having fun, then you need to look closely at both red and yellow cards as their issuance could land you into a series of losses. Look keenly at how things are unfolding and do not place a bet in rush.

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