Pros and Cons of Fixed Odds In Soccer Betting
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Pros and Cons of Fixed Odds In Soccer Betting
Date : February 09,2018
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Pros And Cons Of Soccer Betting Fixed Odds

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What Are Odds?

In short, odds are essentially a numerical representation of the likelihood of a particular outcome occurring in the future. They are predictions expressed in numbers, basically. When it comes to decimal odds, for example, the lower the odds, the higher the chances of that particular event or outcome occurring. Apart from decimal odds, they are also sometimes expressed in fractions. Now, odds can be subject to change and may fluctuate according to the events that take place in the match.

They adjust themselves along with the progression of the game, which means that the price you pay would be subjected to change and price fluctuations.


What Are Fixed Odds?

With fixed odds betting, you're allowed to hone in on one option. What you select the first time is what you get, and the price will not be affected by any changes. This is the most common type of betting, and pretty much every online sportsbook exclusively offer fixed odd. The whole aim of this strategy is to reduce the element of chance and dependent on pure luck in betting. You know the exact odds you will receive when you are placing a bet.

There are a number of ways through which this can be achieved and some of them range from very simple to the extremely complex analysis methodology. The higher the numbers of parameters involved in the fixed odds football betting tricks, the more complex the strategy. The fixed odds soccer betting works by providing the wagers with a ranking system for the playing teams. This ranking then provides the wager with a figure which they can use to determine the odds of a certain team.

The results are then compared to the bookmaker’s odds as overly, this is the center of the soccer betting strategy. It is what is ultimately going to decide whether you win and what profit you will take home. In contrast, there exists tote or parimutuel betting, where all the bets are placed in a together in a pool. This pool is shared among all the winning bets.

This is how payout odds are speculated. The odds on offer are usually speculation, what the bookmaker believes you will receive. The odds are also subjected to change, as they are determined by the number of bets that that particular outcome receives.


One of the major advantages of fixed odds soccer betting is that it takes into consideration factors that include previous team performance, previous results for matches between the two teams, injuries, home team advantage as well as a host of other things. You also know exactly what you're getting. You know the price and the odds on offer before you make any decisions, which can be incredibly helpful. No matter what happens after you place your bet, what is chosen is final. It's also much easier to find a value betting situation when it comes to fixed odd. Often, especially before the start of a game, bookmakers tend to put out odds based more on speculation, rather than fact, because they don’t have all the information yet.

Plus, there are plenty of factors that can affect the outcome of a match, that we can't really gauge until the match begins. At times, it's something as simple as the weather that could impact form and play. Unexpected injuries and fatigue are also huge contributors to the final outcome. During such intense situations, where the odds are off, you can swoop in and place a wager, because you be guaranteed a profit. This is an ideal way of dealing with a robust and scientific method that can greatly increase your chances of making good money with soccer bets. It is also easier for beginners to understand and if you have been making a string of loses; this is an ideal way of making a steady income.



The disadvantages of fixed odds football betting are that, if you use more complex methodologies, it might become very difficult to use it for estimates. Additionally, the fixed nature of this betting market can be another disadvantage. Naturally, odds shift according to the ever-changing landscape; such is the nature of sports. Anything can happen at any time. When you place your bets, the match or the game can be going one way and can take a sudden turn in the next few minutes. But once you have made your bet with the fixed odds system, you can't make any changes.

When to place fixed odds soccer bets blog post image

When to place fixed odds soccer bets.

It's best to buy fixed odds bets just before and after a match, race or game starts.
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