Moneyline Betting In Soccer: Understanding Odds And Strategies
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Moneyline Betting In Soccer: Understanding Odds And Strategies
Date : February 07,2024
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Mastering Moneyline Betting In Soccer

Ever wondered why more and more beginners join the world of soccer betting each year? While there are likely several reasons for this, arguably the biggest is that this niche is more beginner-friendly than most! In soccer betting, you can keep things ridiculously simple and earn more than decent winnings. One element that makes this possible is moneyline betting in the sport. Understanding odds and strategies for beginners just got simpler! Here's everything about moneyline betting in soccer.

A Quick Introduction To Moneyline Betting In Soccer

Moneyline betting is one of the simplest markets punters can operate in when betting on soccer. This is because it only requires picking a winner between the two sides meeting in an event. Properly understanding the odds and using that to make an informed decision makes things a little tricky here. Before that, though, there are specific terms you need to familiarize yourself with when betting on the money line. The most important of these are:

The "Favorite"

The term "Favorite" addresses the team expected to come out on top in the soccer event.

The "Underdog"

This term is used to refer to the team that's expected to lose the match.

Vigorish or Vig

This is the commission that your online bookie is entitled to on your wager.

Implied Probability

Implied probabilities are chances that particular outcomes will come to pass. It's usually calculated using American odds in moneyline betting.

Understanding The Odds In Soccer Moneyline Betting

Understanding the odds here is pretty simple. Typically, it's given in negative or positive numbers that mirror 100. The favorites in a moneyline bet will usually have a negative sign in front of their American odds. This can be -120, -200, and so on. What this means, in essence, is that if a player bets on a favorite with -120 odds, they would need to wager $120 to win $100. Inversely, underdogs usually carry a positive sign in front of their odds. Again, this could be +130, +210, and so on. However, if a punter wants to wager on an underdog with +210 odds, they would have to bet $100 to win $210. And that's pretty much it!

Best Soccer Moneyline Betting Strategies For Beginners

Starting in this market may be challenging, especially at first. Below are some tips to help beginners find their way around. Learn how to find value in soccer matches;

  1. Always be prepared for movements in the money line;

  2. Choose your team carefully;

  3. Always keep an eye on the favorite;

  4. Adopt a long-term approach when moneyline betting in soccer;

  5. Be sure you have a thorough understanding of how the odds here work;

  6. Don't chase your losses;

  7. Practice good bankroll management.

Soccer Moneyline Betting Made Easy

Hopefully, with the above, you'll have an easier time navigating moneyline betting in soccer.


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