The Most Popular Asian Market For Online Gambling
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The Most Popular Asian Market For Online Gambling
Date : January 26,2023
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Most Popular Asian Market For Online Gambling

As Asia is a diverse continent, so are its gambling laws. Several regions have long embraced the Asian passion for games like Baccarat and mahjong, while others strictly adhere to Islamic law, prohibiting all forms of gambling. Due to the Coronavirus, there has been a rise in online gamblers in Asia. It resulted from restrictions on socializing, leisure activities, and in-person casino access. As a result, online entertainment flourished, and iGaming succeeded too. Thousands of people turn to online casinos and gambling sites for entertainment and socialization. This extraordinary situation and easy access to mobile phones and the internet created a perfect storm. During the nearly two-year period that followed, iGaming changed its face and accelerated its growth. The primary focus is to provide an overview of the Asian gambling market, emphasizing Chinese, Singaporean, Macau, Malaysian, Hong Kong, and Philippine online casinos.

China Betting Market

China does not allow gambling, except for the state-run Welfare Lottery and Sports Lottery. Hong Kong and Macau, however, are two particular administrative regions of the People's Republic of China where Chinese citizens can gamble. The Chinese government's anti-gambling stance has influenced neighboring countries to offer land-based casinos for Chinese tourists far beyond the country's borders.

Singapore Betting Market

The gambling scene in Singapore is among the best on the Asian continent. Residents can bet on horses, sports, and lotteries at two physical betting shops operated by the Singapore government. Singapore's government also introduced the Integrated Resort (IR) in 2005, where residents and foreigners can enjoy various casino games. Only two IR casinos can open by the bill, and Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentosa have since taken over the slots. Despite the success of land-based casinos, Singapore's federal government has yet to legalize any online casino. Nevertheless, Singaporeans enjoy gambling at various offshore online casinos. Various i-games are available on Singaporean casino sites. However, Singaporeans prefer online slots and card games such as Baccarat.

Macau Betting Market

Macau has been dubbed "the Las Vegas of Asia." A city with 41 casinos, hundreds of millions of tourists, and countless neon lights deserves the title. Macanese gambling establishments tend to attract high-stakes players rather than casual gamblers. Even though the island is known for its legendary gambling scene, online casinos are not allowed on the island, with the local regulator issuing a public warning in 2015.

Malaysia Betting Market

Malaysians are predominantly Muslim and respect Sharia Law in the country. Islamic law forbids gambling of any kind (both on land and online). Nevertheless, the Betting Acts allow non-Muslims, foreigners, and tourists to bet on lotteries, race horses, and play casino games in landed properties without sanction. They also prohibit online gambling under the betting act, with severe penalties for violators. The law does not stop Malaysians from gambling online, with soccer and badminton among the most popular sports.

Hong Kong Betting Market

Hong Kong, China's only other particular administrative region, enjoys a relatively high degree of autonomy. The gambling industry is legal but strictly regulated. While the Hong Kong Jockey Club monopolizes all gambling, casino gaming is only allowed on cruise ships outside the island's territorial waters. The government takes action against black market operators of online casinos, which remain illegal.

Philippines Betting Market

The Philippine gambling laws are friendly and flexible. A minimum of four gambling resorts are in Manila, and sports betting, horse racing, and lotteries are permitted online. Philippine gambling laws are flexible enough to permit Filipinos to gamble online and even open their doors to offshore casinos. The government's refusal to legalize online casinos is surprising in light of all these factors. Which gambling types dominate the region?

Poker is the most popular game, but sports betting, eSports, and slots are gaining market share. Live dealer games have become even more popular as people demand socializing and entertainment online. The Asian market is also particularly interested in technology-based offerings. Cryptocurrency gambling, VR and AR, and AI will drive future growth in the region.


Operators preparing to enter the Asian gambling market should be aware that periods of low revenues will occur just as much as periods of high turnover until the market becomes stable and regulated. Despite this, Asia is the next frontier for online gambling when the government relaxes its laws. In many Asian countries, they decriminalized casino gaming, paving the way for the legalization of sports betting and online casinos. It seems likely that Asian gambling will be dominated by online slots, card games, table games, and live dealers shortly. In the meantime, residents can use land casinos to place bets, travel to countries that permit online gambling or play online casino games on offshore sites.

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