Another Year Of Challenges Is Coming For PSG
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Another Year Of Challenges Is Coming For PSG
Date : August 20,2022
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Another Year Of Challenges Is Coming For Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)

Paris Saint-Germain is going through a moment that we can describe as strange. Yes, it is strange and difficult. The great French team won the Ligue 1 championship. So, everything should be fine. But, many other things affect PSG and overshadow the achievement they got at the regional level. This club is full of great footballers. Then what could go wrong? When you have a team full of so many stars, the expectations are almost endless. And that may be a huge problem! Indeed, everybody expected a chain of victories in the European leagues. But, this did not happen. People also expected that the hiring of Leo Messi would shoot the team to another higher level... which happened neither. So, the obligatory question is:

What Can We Expect From PSG For The Next Season?

The short answer: Concern. The worries are already present. You don't have to wait until next season for them! The following fact is worrying: the team is losing a lot in terms of money! During the 2020-21 season, the team lost over 200 million Euros. Besides, it is expected that when revealing the data from last season, the amount exceeds 300 million! However, he has just signed Mbappe for tens of millions to remain with the team. All this has caused the alarms to sound within the UEFA headquarters. Therefore, an investigation has been opened against the team in the face of a possible breach of 'fair play.' Generally, these types of investigations are horrible nightmares for European clubs.

The Neymar Situation In PSG

Neymar's case is one of the most worrying for PSG. The Brazilian player has been with the team for 5 seasons, and however, he has not achieved the goals expected of him since his hiring. Last season, Messi and Neymar were expected to become a deadly duo. But, at no time did they have the necessary chemistry to engage in the field. Among other reasons for this, the most obvious is that Neymar wants to shine on his own and not next to Messi. The talent of Kylian Mbappé and his 27 goals scored surpassed them. So, the strategy of having these superstars did not work. Moreover, everything is currently complicated to the point that the team is trying to get rid of Neymar and negotiate him with Barcelona. On the other hand, the team must leave as many players as possible. But, they will try to keep the untouchables, like Marco Verratti and now Mbappe, who has signed again.

The restructuring of the team strikes very sensitive chords after coach Mauricio Pochettino also failed to meet expectations. Now, they need to hire a new coach, and the media mentioned Zidane as his replacement. Yet, everything shows that the new coach will be Christophe Galtier. Once again, it seems that PSG is at the beginning of another season of changes and challenges. They are forced to meet the expectations created during the last two seasons. But time is short, and circumstances are difficult. As always, time will decide the fate of the great Parisian team.

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