Checkout 2022 MLS Betting Trends
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Checkout 2022 MLS Betting Trends
Date : June 17,2022
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2022 MLS Betting Trends

The MLS is in a great moment. The 2022 season started in February and will end in October, and 42% of the schedule has been covered until now. Last season, the New York City Football Club took the championship, and once again, it is leading the East division. Still, Philadelphia Union, New York RB, and CF Montreal are closely following this club. But, the New York City RB is on a losing streak; in the last eight matches, he has received 5.6% more goals against than the average for the rest of the season. Meanwhile, in the West division, Los Angeles FC remains in the lead, followed by Dallas, Real Salt Lake, and Austin. The MLS is one of the most exciting leagues you can choose to bet on. Indeed, clubs of the highest football level make up the East and West divisions. Besides, this league characterizes by having a high goal-scoring rate. This league continues to grow to the point of having a large fan base inside and outside the United States and Canada.

MLS Betting Trends

The average goal for the season is 2.80 per match. Also, it is good to keep it in mind when placing bets that in 56% of the matches, both teams score (BTTS) goals. The advantage in terms of goals is for the teams that play at home, with 1.65 goals scored, against 1.15 goals scored by visiting teams. Likewise, the victories of the local teams are well above the visiting teams. That is, 49% of home teams win against a low 27% of away wins. Besides, an important fact is that there have been many draws (24%) this season.

On the other hand, keep Los Angeles FC in mind when it comes to over/under. Los Angeles has the highest, over 2.5 percent in the MLS, with 64%, while in the league, over 1.5 is 75%; over 2.5 is 54%, and over 3.5 is 30%. If you want to bet on results, the two most frequent scores are 2-1 (11%) and 1-0 (10%). But remember the high dominance that teams playing at home have. If you want to bet on results, the two most frequent scores are 2-1 (11%) and 1-0 (10). But remember the high dominance of the teams that play at home. If you are betting on a live event, wait for the second half to place your wager. Remember that 56.4% of goals have been scored so far in the second half and 43.6% in the first.

One of the most popular bets is that of the first goal scored. The trend is clear this season in the MLS. We suggest you consider this bet and analyze it depending on the match: In 98% of matches, the first goal was scored in the first 32 minutes. These tips can help you decide what bets to place in the MLS. The trends in this league are quite clear, although everything can change as the season progresses. But, we reiterate that it is a good time to think about betting in this league.

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