Aleksandar Mitrović - Fulham Striker
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Aleksandar Mitrović - Fulham Striker
Date : May 27,2022
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    The EFL Championship is the most important second division of football globally. The level of the participating teams and the quality of the players make it a highly competitive league. So, this competition attracts the attention of fans and experts from all over the world. Whenever the end of the season approaches, everyone is waiting for which team will be promoted to the Premier League. Once they reach the top flight, they will have to do everything possible to stay and avoid relegation.

    This season a team not only stands out, and it has become an EFL titan. And it's Fulham which, in case you didn't know, is the oldest team in London, having been founded in 1879. But, the important thing is what happens in the present, in this season. Fulham has already secured their return to the Premier through the front door largely thanks to the Serbian striker Aleksandar Mitrović. However, before talking about this great attacker, we must mention the level that Fulham has and why it is the team that everyone is talking about. Well, Fulham has become synonymous with an effective offense. Fulham equals goals. Many goals. At the time of writing, Fulham led the EFL with 77 points, 8 points ahead of nearest rivals Bournemouth FC...and they scored...ready? 90 goals in 37 matches! And 35 of these goals have been scored by Mitrović in 35 games. So we guess now you understand better the magnitude of what we are talking about, right?

    Aleksandar Mitrović: The Fulham FC Warrior

    This is Aleksandar Mitrović's fifth season with Fulham, and at 27 years of age, he is showing that he is at the top of his game. His ability to score goals this year has been incredible and is the key to Fulham securing their place in the Premier. After three irregular seasons with Newcastle United, the Serbian striker arrived at Fulham to find a team that has given him every freedom to develop as a great goalscorer.

    Aleksandar Mitrović is a classic area attacker. He is a lethal player who does not need much space to move around. He can take advantage of every inch to stop the ball and shoot on goal. In one on one against the goalkeeper, he is unstoppable. He is also a very aggressive player who does not hold back against any defender. Indeed, his size and bulk help him break through opposing defenders. At this moment, and considering the great season this fantastic player is having, many teams dream of signing him. But, everything indicates that unless the offer is too high and impossible to refuse, Mitrović's near future looks in Fulham. It seems to be accurate, much more now that the team will return to the Premier as a colossus. Besides, they will need the necessary strength to battle with the great teams in England. But, we still know that in football, everything is in motion. What seems clear today can easily change in the coming weeks. The only thing we can assure you is that the Serbian attacker is having the best season of his life... and maybe the next one will be even better.

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