Franck Kessié - AC Milan Midfielder
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Franck Kessié - AC Milan Midfielder
Date : April 02,2022
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Franck Kessié Ivoirian Professional Footballer Reviews

Evidently, Barcelona FC is doing everything possible and even impossible to get out of the economic crisis it finds. So, they are looking to arm to the teeth with the best players they can get in the transfer market. The first big news they have given to their fans is the signing of the player Franck Kessié. This talented footballer was born in the Ivory Coast and currently plays for AC Milan. Besides, he has become one of their major forces in the midfield.

Franck Kessié's Story Is Unique.

It is usual for players to move to other positions throughout their careers. So, the 25-year-old player who played for Atalanta before Milan wasn't always a midfielder. Many forwards go down to the midfield, and likewise, midfielders often go down to the defensive line. But, the case of Franck Kessié is the opposite. He used to play as a defender during his career before he began ascending to the middle of the field with Atalanta. It wasn't easy, and it took Franck Kessié time to adjust. But, if we talk about his career, it has been full of challenges. His first few months with Milan were not easy either. Indeed, on several occasions, the team almost lost faith in him. But they had the necessary patience, and Franck Kessié gradually showed growth as a player. And here is something remarkable in Franck Kessié.

Franck Kessié: Barcelona's New Outstanding Player

He is a player who improves technically, season after season. So, surely with Xavi Hernández's Barcelona, he will gain what he lacks to complete his growth. But Franck Kessié is already a player that Barcelona needs, as their midfield lacks someone who has physical strength and skill on the ball to go down and up. These are outstanding characteristics, and Franck Kessié can go down to defend, recoup the ball, start offensive plays, and even score goals himself. That transition from defense to offense in the middle of the field with a player with a good pass, good running with the ball, and excellent dribbling is what Barcelona expects from Franck Kessié. Besides, he offers the possibility of finishing scoring plays or interacting with the full-backs and feeding the forwards.

Franck Kessié will be a good balance for a player like Gavi and a driving force who could even become the leader of Barcelona's midfield. He will provide strength, security, and depth. Moreover, this signing seems to be an excellent deal for Barcelona. The Catalan club saved a significant sum of money by taking advantage of signing him as a free agent, despite currently continuing to play with Milan. He's still under contract with the Rossoneri club, but this agreement ends in the coming months. It has been a perfect negotiation, and Franck Kessié has already passed the physical exams. It is only a matter of time before we see Franck Kessié wearing the Barcelona uniform and showing his talent to Xavi's team. With a strong and dynamic midfield, Barcelona will grow as a team. Besides, new signings will be announced to make Barcelona a fearsome rival for next season.

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