The Best Goalkeepers Of 2020
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The Best Goalkeepers Of 2020
Date : January 10,2022
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Best Goalkeepers Of 2020

They say the goalkeeper is like the military guy who handles the bombs. One mistake and everything is destroyed. This is the most underrated position in a team. But, people have started to consider their responsibility and the leading roles they play in their respective teams. In this sense, below, we will show you the best goalkeepers of the past 2020 year. 

Samir Handanovic

Samir Handanovic might be the most experienced keeper on our list. He was there for as far as we can remember, guiding the posts with a smile and almost everything weapon in his arsenal. He has conceded 0.96 goals per minute for Inter. Credit should be given to where it is due, he played a major role in Inter’s transformation, and now Inter is enjoying their success under Conte. 

David De Gea

They say David De Gea could have saved the Titanic from drowning. He is one of the best keepers globally and has a good reputation in his field. Although United’s defense has been sloppy for the last few years, he has earned many points for United. 

Manuel Neuer

He is the best keeper in the world, and he’s been staying on top for quite a few times now. Yet, when we talk about 2020, he’s second on the list. He’s done enough to be on the top, but he already had an excellent defense. Indeed, he had the best defense in the world standing in front of him. They won the Bundesliga, and then they surprised everyone about the UEFA Champions League. He made good saves, maintained 22 clean sheets in 51 games played for Bayern. 

Keylor Navas

Keylor Navas has been one of the best since his arrival in Europe. Yes, he has been dropped from Madrid, but now they are suffering from it. You don’t know the value of a person until you lose it. That’s what’s happening with Madrid at the moment. Courtois is not as half as good as Keylor Navas. There were few keepers in the world that had the skill and athleticism that Navas possesses. He is a brilliant spot saver, he is known for agility, and the best thing about him is that he performs on the biggest stage. That’s what he’s done for PSG despite their defense leak goals, but he was there to clean their mess. He is the major reason PSG got so far in the UEFA Champions League. He made 19 clean sheets for PSG in 35 games. 


Many people doubted Klopp when he opted for a Brazilian giant. Nevertheless, he proved all his critics were wrong. Like we said before, goalkeepers don’t get the credit they deserve, and when Liverpool won the league, all the praises were for Mane, Salah, and Firmino, or sometimes Van Dijk. However, the role that Allison played will be unforgettable. He was no less than a defender, and how can you beat a team that has Van Dijk and another defender behind him to cover? He was a major part of the Liverpool side that saw them creating history and bringing back the glory days at Anfield. Besides, he was amazing with his National team as well, and he took his side to another first place at Copa America. What else can you ask this goalkeeper?

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