Best Defenders Of The Year 2020
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Best Defenders Of The Year 2020
Date : December 23,2021
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Best Defenders Of The Year

2020 has been quite a year in terms of defense, whether on the field or off it. We don't have Maldini or Nesta at the moment. Still, we have many quality defenders, and the pace at which football is being played now is quite fast compared to previous years. So, the defenders have to go the extra mile to save their team, and they always need to be on their toes. We saw some brilliant performances in 2020, and it is pretty hard to pick the five best defenders. However, keeping in mind their stats, team performance, and roles in their respective teams, we have chosen the best defenders of 2020.

Thiago Silva

It won't be fair to discuss his performances in just 2020, but he played a major role in establishing PSG's defense. He was brilliant and played a major role in taking PSG to UEFA Champions League's final. He was there, stopping the best attackers from all around Europe, and he did his role. Because of him, Mbappe and Neymar were playing with full confidence. Indeed, they know they have Silva saving them from the back.

Sergio Ramos

No defender in football history has enjoyed the amount of stardom that Ramos is enjoying. He has become the face of the biggest club in the world. He is there to save his team from the leaks, and he is there guiding them from all sides. He is pressing, and he is playing a crucial role in attacking. The world has never seen a defender like him in the past.

David Alaba

David Alaba has seen it all. It is not easy for any player to stay and play at Bayern. You have to be extraordinary, and you have to be fully committed. That is what Alaba has done in his time at Bayern. Alaba has won 2 continental trebles and eight consecutive Bundesliga titles, and the list is very long. He started as a left-back, but now he has shifted towards center-back.

Virgil Van Dijk

Van Dijk has changed Liverpool forever. He has become the team's backbone, and they have achieved everything in the last few years. They won Premier League after a long wait, as well as they, won the UEFA Champions League. Klopp's influence has worked amazingly, and Van Dijk has played a significant role in the Reds' success.

Alphonso Davies

Davies is considered one of the best emerging players in the world, and he is not an attacker, not a midfielder, but a defender. He is not from Europe as well. The Canadian is simply unmatchable, and there is no cure for his pace. He is shaming every forward and every defender at the same time. Did you see the last year's UEFA Champions League highlights? Then, you have seen what a major role he played in Bayern's success. He helped midfield pressing with his pace and skills.

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